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  1. I used this set-up as a beginner and moved up to a mirrorless recently. I am asking $125 + shipping (within the US only) for the whole package - tray/arm, strobe, camera with one battery & charger plus the Olympus housing. It is set-up and ready to use. The FE3010 is a 12 megapixel point-and-shoot camera with 3x zoom, several auto modes to choose from including video capability and underwater modes. The Strobe I paired with the camera is a manual Sea n Sea YS-27DX. It is very easy to operate underwater. This is my go-to camera and strobe when in a 'panic' mode.
  2. So beautiful! We just returned from West Papua and the diving was incredible! Thanks for sharing your video.
  3. Is the housing included? Thanks.
  4. Thank you very much for replying to my question.
  5. Hi, just bought this strobe. I'm wondering about the filter for the focus light. There is a couple of red stickers and the removable filters came with it. Question: If I use the stickers over the focus light, will those 'permanently' cover the focus light until the sticker glue comes off? Thanks.
  6. Price drop - Canon G12 with WP-DC34 housing and a red filter that fits the camera housing - $380 Sea and Sea DX8000 (camera and housing) - $50 Olympus FE-3010 point-and-shoot camera with PT-046 housing for sale - $80
  7. I tried to check prices and looks like as follows: $400 - Canon + housing $100 - Olympus+housing $50 - DG8000 camera and housing
  8. Great for beginners or intermediates. Selling my cameras. All are very well taken cared of and the lenses are in very good shape. (1) Canon G12 with WP-DC34 housing and a red filter that fits the camera housing. (2) Sea and Sea DX8000 (camera and housing). This is a 5 mp camera. (3) Olympus FE-3010 camera with PT-046 housing for sale. This is a 12mp camera; great for beginners.
  9. Is the Recsea housing still available? Thanks.
  10. Is it still available? How about shipping? Are you shipping from within the US?
  11. Update (3/5/2010) - This item had been sold.
  12. Not sure if this is too late and relevant. My luggage arrived the last day of my recent trip to Roatan. I flew Delta and here is the info: Delta will re-imburse you $25 each day your luggage is 'lost' after the first 3 days of vacation. This is limited to a maximum of $150. I got receipts for my purchases for a pair of shorts and dive equipment rentals (all my dive gears did not arrive except for my hand carried regulator). Long and short of this - I called and wrote a letter to Delta explaining the circumstances, our attempts to track and recover the luggage (aided by my husband in the US, who did not go on this trip) and I sent whatever receipts I saved. The total cost was $250. Delta did re-imburse the entire amout after 8 weeks. I believe, in the airline agreement, they will re-imburse up to a certain amount limit ($1000?) for lost luggage? Hope this is helpful. Sorry about your lost luggage. I know it is a bummer from personal experience
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