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  1. Haha ! Very true Simon ! Some "divers" are crazy enough to do so : 3 or 4 dives a day (air no Nitrox) with depths between 70 and 45m when the nearest chamber is at 35 hours ..... what can you do ..... !
  2. Hi Eric, The best spot in Colombia is Malpelo 32/35 hours sailing from Buenaventura. If you wanna see schooling Hammerheads that's THE spot (together with Coco in Costa Rica). I went there on March which is supposed to be the peak time to witness large schools of Hammerheads but they're there all year round. You can also spot Galapagos sharks as well as waves of Silkies : I've been told by the boat captain (he's been around for 12 years!) that the best period is may to July. At Gorgona you can see Manta Rays and some whale activity as well : the visibility when I was there was quite poor same for Malpelo ! The other highlight of Malpelo is the Odontaspis Ferox : Feb / March is the best time to spot it and you have to go down to 60/70 m to see the beast !! Check the following link www.fundacionmalpelo.org : the marine reserve around Malpelo is managed by Sandra Bessudo and I've been told she is setting her own vessel to operate there ! Undersea hunter operates a combined Coco/Malpelo trip although I think they suspended Malpelo for the time being... If you like remote and "wild" (very !) places combined to Hammerhead action then Malpelo is a must !!!
  3. Hi all !! I'm planning on diving with Kararu onboard the Cheng Ho in September this year and I'm wondering if anyone went with them recently ? I would be more than happy to hear your feedback as I'm wondering if it wouldn't be "safer" to go on the Komodo Dancer or Paradise dancer.... Thanks guys !
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