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  1. Thanks! That gives me some direction. I guess I was attracted to the "one light does everything" feature. I'm skeptical that it may turn out the same way with the "one camera does it all" of the 70D.
  2. I'm new to video. But I'm upgrading my 60D to the 70D, and would like to try shooting some video along with stills. The DS161 has lighting for both. But how well does the video lighting actually perform? I see it has a 45 degree span for video, which isn't much; so I would expect to have 2 lights. It also weights 2.5 lbs, which is a lot to travel with. Is it enough light? Are you limited to distance, lens width, or color temperature? Any feedback would be helpful. Thanks.
  3. You know that problem with the camera not sitting right so that the thumb wheel doesn't always makes contact... try cutting a little piece of the adhesive rubber off of the strip that comes with the zoom ring for the ports, and stick it on the housing body where the CANON logo on the flash will rest against it. This keeps the body from tipping forward and holds it firm against the thumbwheel. Fixed the problem for me. Larry
  4. Really nice collection! (How do you get the fish to yawn??) Tell us about your equiment you were using for these... Larry M
  5. I have a Coolscan V, and I am scanning some old negs just for archiving. The quality and res. of the negs is not so good to start with, but the ICE cleans up the damage real good. When I save them as a TIF the file size is 60meg or so (it doesn't seem to give me any options in the Scanner software for compression of the TIF.) Any way to make these smaller but still better than using JPEG. Or should I just save them as JPEG at Max quality? Thanks, Larry
  6. Good Idea! I also had an Ike housing with the ULCS arms. If anyone has been to Toys R Us or has kids, you can pick up those long styrofoam "noodles" they play in the pool with. They have a 1" hole in the center. Cut them to the length of one of your arms between the clamps, and the arm section slides right in the hole. You can add them to one or both sides of the camera if you need balance. As you go deeper they compress a bit, and seem to automatically keep the buoyancy neutral. Worked for me! Larry
  7. Have a nearly complete setup for sale. Used recently for about 30 dives on a trip; everything worked fine, but I won't be doing any diving for the next year so rather than have anything collect dust or lose value I've decided to sell. All items come with boxes, and in most cases the warranty cards. Ikelite 6871.20 Housing - $1000 Ikelite Dome Port 5503.50 - $112 Ikelite Flat Port 5505 - $110 Ikelite Flat port w/ Focus knob for 100mm macro lens 5508.45 - $120 Ikelite Fast Charger 4063.1 - $88 Ikelite DS-125 strobes (two) - $490 each Canon 100mm f2.8 macro USM w/filter - $410 Canon 10-22mm USM w/filter - $685 Canon 50mm f2.5 macro w/filter - $190 Canon 28-200 f3.5-5.6 USM w/filter - $300 Shipping is additional based upon actual or an agreed upon cost. Email with questions, etc. to lmcdona5@tampabay.rr.com Larry 5/30/05 All of these items have since sold.
  8. Thanks for the tips. Seems the lens fits OK into the port alone, little snug but probably the way it should. Then I tried just putting the port into the housing without a lens, or o-ring - this took a little pushing. I think I have a port that may be a bit out of round or something (the other ports just plop in.) So I'll send it back to B&H for another one. Larry
  9. I just got an Ikelite port (5508.45) for the Canon 100mm USM 2.8 lens. On the 20D camera, it won't fit on the housing without taking off the UV filter, the lens is too long. Not only that but fitting the port into the housing is a little stiff, kinda have to push it; the other ports slip right in. This is the port with the focus knob on it. Anybody have any problems like this? Or tips? How many of you actually find the focus knob feature useful with this lens? Thanks, Larry
  10. Have new Sea&Sea bracket (#5645) for sale. Just like to get it into the hands of someone would might use it. If you have a S&S housing it should fit. Mounts across the handles to give you a handle and a base to attach a Nikonos, strobe, focus light or hood ornament. I just never got to use it and now have anIkelite housing. Cost new $240 (absurd), sell: $40. SORRY - THIS HAS BEEN SOLD, 4/12 Larry M
  11. Well thanks for the feedback. I feel more comfortable leaving one of my dive lites at home now, and just carrying a small backup. Larry
  12. Just got a pair of DS-125 strobes. They have the modeling/dive lite feature in them, which I did not have on my old Sea&Sea. Are these lights practical solutions to take the place of a dive lite for night dives? How about with the diffuser on them? And any difficulties in using them for a focus light? (Canon 20D camera.) Thanks, Larry
  13. Thanks Robert, the links in the post weren't working but I did find your picture album (I suppose I can leave my camera at home since it doesn't look like you left may good photos for others!) I want to see that giant clam! I'm not a very athletic drinker, so if they run out of booze I won't suffer too much! Looks like I can look forward to a lot of WA opportunities. Were the macro subjects (nudis, shrimp, critters) just as prevalent? Thanks again.
  14. Planning to join a trip on the Sea Safari in the Raja Empat area of Indonesia in a month or so. First time there. Any tips or comments from recent visitors? Recommended wetsuit? Suggested photo equipt preparations? Diving experiences I should expect? Any advice about flight and other connections? The one thing you wished you had taken and didn't? Thanks for your experience!! Larry
  15. Ageffen - Unfortunately the $365 strobe and the sync cord have sold. The other YS90 is still available. Email me at lmcdona5@tampabay.rr.com if you wish to discuss it. I will probably move the rest of this to ebay in the next two weeks. Larry
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