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  1. Thank you for the video and tribute, you really captured what I experienced in meeting David and Christina long ago in Puerto Galera, PH. I had been casually shooting for about 10 years and was amazed at David's skill in what had been 4 years of shooting for him. His passion and technical prowess took him to an expert skill level that astounded me. We had not seen each other in person since but I really enjoyed watching his career and all of their great experiences. I am deeply saddened at this loss and that I will not be able to feel his charisma, passion, and that smile again but only experience it through the art, friends, and family he left behind. RIP David
  2. Greetings all- I've been a member of wetpixel since 2009 and just now getting around to an introduction it seems! I started diving in the Puget Sound, Seattle, WA US and my wife bought me a compact underwater camera to start taking pictures to remember our trips. We started our warm water diving love affair in Cozumel but then found the South Pacific and never looked back. We worked toward a retirement plan that took us to Singapore as a temporary home base to facilitate finding where we would want to spend the rest of lives. We found it in Dauin, Negros Oriental, Philippines. We have lived here permanently for 3 years and loving every minute of it. Coming out of the lock down we are finally able to visit more of the fantastic diving the Philippines have to offer. My wife is now and underwater photography enthusiast and frankly a macro snob! Look forward to being more active and learning or sharing information. Cheers Paul
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