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  1. Update: Got the new tray and that fixed everything. Looks good now with no vignetting. Thanks Ryan at Reef Photo for taking care of it.
  2. Great! Thanks a lot for your help Ryan. Looking forward to trying it out...with the right tray this time. This has answered a lot of my questions, I was starting to think I was crazy.
  3. there are really no "options" for shifting the tray forward or backwards. Or flipping it around, as then the camera tightening screw wouldnt be accessible..... as seen in the pictures above there is only one set of holes that the tray lines up with. I almost think I have the wrong tray for the housing?...hmmm?
  4. the number engraved on the bottom is 622-0951-A it has 2 wires...a yellow one, which attaches to the cam. And a black wire that appears to be an audio cable, used for nothing.
  5. camera is Sony XR500 with the LM Stingray + housing with the standard lens it comes with....the 65 I think. yes it appears its set to far back but there doesnt seem to be a way or option to move the camera tray or the camera ON the tray forward towards the lens. it only came with spacers to RAISE the tray, but NOTHING TO MOVE THE TRAY FORWARD....hmmm?
  6. I to have the same problem with vig. I have the Stringray + housing with the Sony XR500. I have the IS turned OFF completely and this is what I get with EVERY clip. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p74mFavP33g very disappointed and looking for a solution.
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