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  1. Need some more storage for that 4K,6K,8K video? I'm selling a 3 month old basically new OWC Thunderbay 4, 40TB (4x10TB) RAID array. This has a Thunderbolt 2 connection and is super fast using RAID5. This will NOT work with a Thunderbolt 3 adapter on the new MacBook Pro (that's why I'm selling it). I paid $2,997 from B&H and am willing to part with it for $2,700. I'll cover shipping in the US, drive is located in Portland, Oregon.
  2. Hi Kosmonaut, sorry we were away on a trip. Absolutely, will have to send from California, are you ok to cover shipping? Do you want batteries as well?
  3. We ended up splitting this sale up, below is what is still available: 2 x YS-250 Strobes 7 x YS-250 Batteries 2 x YS-250 Chargers 1 x Double Sync Cable 3 x Single Sync Cables 1 x Macro Port for 100mm/50mm 1 x Extension Ring - 18453 1 x Extension Ring - 18462 1 x Macro Mate Send me an email for the price or make me an offer ;-) All items are in the SF Bay area in CA. Thanks!
  4. Just to update what is still available, prices are on the price sheet at the bottom: 2 x YS-250 Strobes 7 x YS-250 Batteries 2 x YS-250 Chargers 1 x Double Sync Cable 3 x Single Sync Cables 1 x Macro Port for 100mm/50mm 1 x Extension Ring - 18453 1 x Extension Ring - 18462 1 x Macro Mate 1 x 45ยบ Inon Viewfinder Thanks! 7D System for Sale Sheet1.pdf
  5. WE ARE SPLITTING UP THIS SALE!!! The camera equipment has been sold but all the housings, etc. are still up for sale.
  6. Hi guspalco, I just posted an ad earlier today selling two complete 7D setups with ports, strobes, cameras, lenses... everything you need already in pelican cases and a backpack.
  7. We are selling our two complete Canon 7D Aquatica setups. The only thing missing to get in the water are arms and clamps. This includes two complete wide angle (a fisheye and a rectilinear) and a macro (2 x 60mm macro) setups as well as a mini-dome and a macro-mate. See the photos and PDF. My hope is to only sell as a complete set as I am in Indonesia and all the gear is in California with no one to parcel it out, only ship it. The items are already in Pelican cases (housings and strobes) and a Kata backpack (cameras, lenses, etc.) which are included in the price. Buyer will be responsible for cost of shipping. This also includes an F2.8 Sigma 50-150mm (equivalent to a 70-200mm on a 35mm) and a 30mm (50mm equivalent) F1.4 portrait lens. For more information about condition and photos of each item, please contact me. Total cost is $15,840 before shipping while at retail for everything would be $25,374 at current values. Attached is an PDF (sorry, they don't allow spreadsheet attachements) of all items and the price and some overview photos of the items. 7D System for Sale Sheet1.pdf
  8. Thanks Elmer & tdpriest, shame you guys can't make it out this time! Sign-up for our newsletter, we do about 6-7 trips a year...
  9. Hey Divers! We have some last minute openings on our back-to-back Komodo trips aboard the IndoSiren this September. About Us: We have been living and working in Indonesia for the last 7 years running liveaboards and also in Lembeh Strait as the managers of Critters@Lembeh. Although these are not "photo workshop" trips, we are professional underwater photographers and are also the Managing Editors for DivePhotoGuide so we are always there to help our guests get the best pictures possible. We offer several dive charters each year through our travel company Got Muck, mostly within Indonesia. We only accept NICE PEOPLE. Due to some last minute cancellations we have the following spaces available: Trip One: Dates: Sept 10 - Sep 20, 2013 Itinerary: Bima to Bima 1 Cabin Available Cost $3,800 per person Includes nitrox Trip Two: Dates: Sept 21 - Oct 1, 2013 Itinerary: Bima to Bima 1 Space Available Cost is $3,800 per person includes nitrox These trips can be booked as back-to-back for a single person. The cabin can also be booked as a single occupancy at a reduced rate. Our travel company in Bali will handle all domestic arrangements (spaces on the domestic flights are already being held). PM me for more info, email us, call us at +1-925-290-1827 (we are at GMT+8) or contact us here. We just returned from a trip aboard the Arenui to Komodo last week, attached are some pics to help you decide :-)
  10. Hi Steve, Sorry to say they just sold! Thanks for your interest though :-) Herg
  11. We are reducing the total price by $200!!! Each light for $1000 USD and free shipping within the US.
  12. For Sale: excellent condition Sigma 50mm f2.8 Macro for Canon. $120 with free shipping within the US. We are also selling 2 Light & Motion Sola 4000 Video Lights that we have reduced the price on - please PM or see the listing for that item. Thanks!
  13. Honda, This is Herg btw, the travel covers are just the neoprene type covers so not really a big cost. Let me know if you're interested. Hope you're doing well. Herg
  14. 2 Used Sola 4000 LED Video Lights $1100 USD per light, will only sell as a pair. Retail is $1599 per light. These are used but still work perfectly. Includes travel covers and chargers. The blue and silver color on the front bezels are slightly faded.
  15. This has all been sold! Thanks for all the inquiries!
  16. Hi Jerry, I have a "semi-functional" Titan D200 (i.e. everything but the electronics still work and it is well-used), but I do have the glass superdome and both 105mm and 60mm Macro Ports with Manual focus capability. Herg
  17. Hello All, This is a great deal for those looking to break into UW photo or upgrading from compacts. We have switched to Canon, so we are selling the following items for the unreal price of $4,500 USD plus shipping: Cameras, Lenses, Housing, Cables, and Strobes: - 2x Nikon D200 Bodies - Nikon 105mm VR Macro Lens - Nikon 60mm (old style) Macro Lens + Focus & M/A Gears - Nikon 10.5mm Fisheye Lens - Nikon 16mm FX Fisheye - Nikon 18-200mm VR (Topside Lens) - Nikon 18-55mm VR (Topside Lens) - Nikon SB-800 Speedlight - Sea & Sea DXD200 Housing with INON 45-degree Viewfinder & focus light ball mount - Brand New Sea & Sea MX Compact Dome Port (Acrylic) - Sea & Sea Macro Flat Port (with Manual Focus and A/F adjustment knob) - Sea & Sea Port Spacer to use 105mm or TC with Fisheyes - New Sea & Sea dual sync cord (for use with two strobes) - 2x Barely Used Sea & Sea YS-110alpha Strobes with ultralight ball adapters Accessories: - 2 Nikon MH-18a chargers & cables - Nikon GP-1 GPS hotshoe mounted receiver - Spare Sea&Sea O-rings & grease for ports & body - 3x 4GB Sandisk ULTRAII Compact Flash Cards - This all comes in a Storm Case iM2720 Hardcase with lots of stickers on it to make you look cool What's the catch? There is none. All the items have all been used and some have minor cosmetic issues (we actually used them :-), but all are totally functional and have always been stored in a humidity controlled cabinet when not in use. The "Single/Continuous/Manual" selector knob on one D200 body needs to be serviced, but is still usable. No batteries are included, only the chargers. To be honest, for this price you could buy all this, sell it individually on eBay and make more money than I am asking, but I don't have the time or energy for that. Images:
  18. We are looking for a Sea&Sea port adapter for Light&Motion Titan housings. Thanks.
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