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  1. I have for sale a near new Sigma 15mm f2.8 fisheye lens. This lens has only been used about 2-3 times. Lens is here in Australia. I can send oversea if necessary but would need to check postage costs. Postage within Australia is $16. This Lens is for a NIKON mount. Lens comes with Sigma case and instructions. Please ask questions. Unable to post images but can send images via email if you want to see lens. Please email me at debralaurie@bigpond.com Lens price is $520 Australian plus postage. Lens may be put up for sale in other areas also. All enquires to Debbie
  2. Hi Loftus, Thanks for this, I knew there was a reason one was better. I have the nauticam 8.5" dome. This should be O.K with this lens??? Deb
  3. Hi All, I have read in the past that one of these lenses is better underwater than the other. I can't remember which one and what the reasons were that it is better. Can anyone give me some ideas before I end up getting the wrong one. Thanks for your help. Wommby
  4. Hi John, Photos came out a bit small, will post again. Deb [ Hi John, Photos came out a bit small, will post again. Deb [ Hi John, Photos came out a bit small, will post again. Deb [
  5. Hi John, Photos came out a bit small, will post again. Deb [
  6. Hi John, Photos came out a bit small, will post again. Deb [attach ment=16457:_DSC0144.jpg]
  7. Hi John, I recently purchased the 4.3" minidome for my nauticam housing. I use a full frame d700 camera and had a 1.4 teleconverter also, so I went and bought the Tokina 10-17 and have just returned from Byron Bay - Australia and here are a few of the shots with this combination. I am still very new to wide angle. To me the combination works great and I can't wait to get out and use it some more. Deb ]
  8. Hi, Can you tell me, did you use manual focus with these shots or auto focus? Haven't yet tried my 105mm with the Kenko 1.4x teleconverter. Very nice shots - I am assuming these are not cropped? Debbie
  9. Hi Mark, We plan to do double dives on the Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday if all goes well with weather etc. Photos are great, can't wait to get some shots. I have never dived around blue bottles. How dangerous are they and how do you avoid them? We normally dive without hoods in warm temperatures but given the blue bottles do you suggest we bring hoods and gloves? Just love your shots... What depth are these photos taken at? The vis looks good. Deb
  10. Thanks Mark, that would be great. Looking so forward to arriving and diving. It would be great to have the clear water come through. See you when we get there. We are arriving on the Sunday hopefully by early afternoon. What time is the dive shop open till on Sunday, we will no doubt come in and organise everything for Monday and the rest of the week. Deb
  11. Hi All, Wanted to let people know that after sending an email to Nauticam International asking for reasons that this wasn't fitting and for solutions that I have had a reply from them. I contacted Nauticam International after I was unable to raise Peter Mooney due to the recent cyclones in Cairns. They didn't realise themselves that the hood on the Sigma 15mm was going to be too big for this mini dome without any extensions. They think that either a 10mm or 20mm will fix the problem. They have been very kind and are sending me both extensions to see what fixes the problems at no cost to me. This is what I call fantastic customer service and can only tell everyone how grateful I am and how wonderful the service has been from Nauticam in Cairns and Internationally. Peter Mooney from Cairns has been a wealth of help and information and has always given me fantastic service with all my purchases. I can recommend Nauticam to anyone. There products are great and easy to use. I am eager to receive these extension to try them out. Will post some photos when I do. Deb
  12. Hi Mike, Thanks for your response. This was what I am going to do but because I have a full frame I need to attach a 1.4x teleconverter and this then gives me a 14-24mm (just like on a cropped sensor). It is just that I already have the Sigma lens and haven't got a Tokina lens yet. I went ahead and bought the dome because I thought I would be able to at least use the Sigma in it until I got the Tokina lens. Deb
  13. Thanks Alex, just spoke to Peter Mooney and he thinks maybe a 20mm extension would work. Deb
  14. Hi Wetpixelers, Have recently asked if the Sigma 15mm fisheye will work with the Nauticam 4.33" mini dome. I got some replies and apparently it should. Even by the Nauticam port list it is the one to use with no extensions. Well, I have purchased it and the Sigma 15mm fisheye does not fit, the hood on the lens hits the front of the dome and will not fit in by about 5mm. Has anyone else had this problem and what have they done to fix it. I am thinking a 10mm extension but not sure if this will change anything for the proper working of the lens. Unable to get onto our local Nauticam dealer (probably because of the recent cyclone). I am heading to Byron Bay next week and wanted to try and have this usable with this dome. Thanks for any suggestions or help. Deb
  15. Thanks Mark, we are getting a bit impatient now to be up there. Please keep us posted. Will book and pay for dives probably next week. Deb
  16. Hi Mark, I love nudi's so any of them will be great. The big stuff is what we are coming for. Leopard sharks, mantas, turtles and anything else. My husband does video so he will be on the look for the same. We can't wait to get there. Deb
  17. Sounds great. Looking forward to meeting you. With three of us diving, do you recommend we book our dive now and pay for them? Deb
  18. Thanks for your response. I have decided to set it up with the Tokina 10-17mm with the teleconverter, extension and minidome. In the process of organising the items now. Thanks again for all the information you sent. It has made my mind up to try it this way. Heading to Byron Bay in 3 weeks and hope to have what I need before I go. Deb
  19. Hi Mark, We will be arriving at Byron Bay on Sunday 20th Feb to start diving on the Monday. We plan to do at least 8 dives over the week. We are thinking of booking double dives for the Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday. Probably with Sundive. We haven't dive up here at all so will welcome any help to find the big stuff. Obviously, you live up at Byron. Who do you normally dive with? There are 3 of us coming up for the week. Deb
  20. Hi Mark, Love some of your shots on flicker. Are they taken at Byron Bay. My husband and I are heading up that way from Victoria in 3 weeks and can't wait to see some leopard sharks and rays. Thanks for your replies. I wasn't aware the 17-70mm Sigma was a DX lens. I have been looking for what I could use as a general purpose lens. You know, when you don't know what's there or not sure if you want wide or macro. Still don't know what I will look at although the Tokina 10-17 with the teleconverter now sounds like a really good option. Thanks again Deb
  21. Hi, Thanks for this information. Have read it all and am really quite excited that it can be done. Will certainly be looking at this possibility. Is there any reason why I couldn't use the Sigma 15mm with a teleconverter, 30mm extension and the minidome? I realise this is not a zoom lens but would it still work the same? Deb
  22. Hi, I am not quite understanding your reply. You'd second not going back to the 17-70mm is the way I read this. My last question is in regards to the 15mm and using it with a teleconverter on a d700 (full frame) with the minidome. Sorry, but I believe I can't use the Tokina 10-17mm on a full frame camera which is what I have got. I would love to be able to. Deb
  23. Thanks Alex, I have read your article on the minidome and you mention there is some problems with the Sigma 15mm and having to have the dome shaved off. Is this the problem I might have if I put one on my d700 and use with the minidome. I was thinking of possibly using the lens with a teleconverter and an extension in the minidome. Do you know if this would work?? Thanks again for your help. Deb
  24. Hi Alex, Thanks for your reply. I'm leaning towards a minidome. Is the zen 100 a glass dome and would that be better than the 4.33" acrylic dome? I also have a 1.4x teleconverter but I have always thought the Tokina 10-17mm was a fisheye lens for a DX format not FX like the d700. Can you clarify if I could use a Tokina 10-17mm on my camera, thank you. Deb
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