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  1. Hey Guys, I'm way behind on posting, but here are a few from the first leg of the trip. Boy that last day of the first trip was spectacular, wasn't it?! I've tried a few silhouettes this year, but the one in this post is my most successful. They definitely don't like swimming straight over you this year. Anyway, looking forward to hopefully another shark filled day tomorrow morning. P.S. The swimmer is Bobby, AKA the shark whisperer.
  2. We should all post with the intention of preventing Adam from being lonely. Right Tom? : ) So glad to be back in Isla. I do love this place!! Here are a few sharkies from day one and two. More to come...
  3. Here are a couple more beach photos from Padar Island. This place was stunning and I truly wish I made more time for beach exploring during sunsets and sunrises. The first photo was done with about a 30 second exposure and some light painting on the rocks in the foreground with a sola light, and the Seven Seas boat is lit up in the background. Of course, the diving in Padar is also stunning. : )
  4. Post 1... Hey Wetpixel, We just finished the Wetpixel Komodo Expedition Part 2. We also LOVED Cannibal Rock, and spent a lot of time there. The vessel Seven Seas was great, and we ended up with good conditions for most of the trip. Here are a few photos to start...
  5. Day one of trip two of the Wetpixel Isla Mujeres Whale Shark Expedition... and my first time seeing whale sharks. What a great first day!!!
  6. Good light, color, subject, and framing. My only suggetion with this would be to explore a different negative space. The structure behind the fish doesn't help tell your story. I often look for a good negative space as much as, or even more than, a good subject when I'm shooting. Nice work!
  7. Hard to say without seeing the raw file. Want to send it to me and I can take a stab at it? I'm happy to give it a try.
  8. So jealous. Can't wait for my new drysuit to come in! Great work.
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