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  1. Great camera, but they were prone to salt build up around the shutter advance shaft. Likely, that is the cause of the problem. At one time it was recommended that you keep the camera immersed in fresh water when not being used. Once the salt build up is cleaned, make sure the orings are OK. Nikon repair cleaned a friends Nikonos IV and it flooded on the first dive. Good luck! Jett
  2. Hey Ryan & Lee, There are a couple dive operators that go there. Email me if you want info. Have done the dive many times myself over the years. Possible to dive it on one tank with a deco stop at 20 and 10 feet, or take a deco bottle on the dive. Dive is 160 feet, straight down and straight back up. Nice shot, Lee. Here's one I took that made it on the cover of Northwest Dive News. Coral Cover Shot Best, Jett
  3. Hello banishs, Hope you enjoyed the presentation. You should be able to find an underwater photographer to collaborate with within the ranks of Wetpixel. Some magazines will give credit to the photographer if it is requested in the byline, ie "Text by banishs & Photography by banishs' partner". If not the photographer more often receives a credit line next to his photos. It just depends upon the publication how they choose to handle this. As for payment, if anything more than just a byline/publishing credit, some magazines will pay X $ amount for text and will pay separately for individual photo usage. Depending upon the number of photos used, it is possible the photography could earn more than the written text. This will all be summarized in the magazine's Editorial/Photo Guidelines. Good luck! Jett
  4. Interesting question. There are soooo many great dive sites to choose from but here goes... 1 Seven Tree Island, Browining Pass, British Columbia, Canada. 2 Nakwakto Rapids, Seymour Inlet, BC, Canada. 3 Browning Wall, Browning Pass, BC, Canada. 4 The Coral, Agamemnon Channel, BC Canada. 5 Wooden Island, Alaska, USA 6 E-6, Bligh Water, Fiji 7 Tongoa Wall, Vanuatu. 8 Tiger Beach, Bahamas. 9 Blue Corner, Palau 10 Cenotes, Yucatan, Mexico.
  5. Hey Eric, If you need any info on Vancouver, Ok to email me. Cheers, Jett
  6. Nice site. Welcome to Wetpixel! Cheers, Jett
  7. Hey Michel, You had both Katie and I in stitches! Well said, my friend. The world could use a little more common sense. All the best, Jett
  8. Hey all, I feel Walt Stearns said it all in his previous post. One need only watch a documentary of mountain climbers walking past corpses on Mount Everest of those who did not survive their attempted ascent and or descent. There are inherent dangers in many daily activities, ie, a roof caves in at a mall, a car jumps the center lane, and or slipping in the shower. As we all know, sharks get a bad wrap for simply being sharks. As a fellow diver/photographer our condolences go out to any diver who may lose their life while enjoying their chosen sport. Accidents happen... sometimes with tragic results. I have dived with sharks aboard the Shearwater. Jim does everything that is reasonable to ensure a guest's safety. I have seen guests do what could only be described as stupid things or they violate the dive plan in some way. Humans make mistakes. Like I said, accidents can just happen and a shark is a wild animal. Hence, we sign waivers and are informed of the risks. It should be up to an individual to choose what risks they are prepared to take. Not some legislator or governing body dictating what we can or cannot do. We can only hope that sanity prevails and the rhetoric fades so we can all go back to doing what we love. If that happens to be shark diving, I'll support that. Cheers, Jett
  9. WOW!, indeed. The D300 I'm sure is a technological marvel, but I'm drooling over the sailfish images. Way to go, Berkley! Cheers all, Jett
  10. Hi I have been on the Nautilus Explorer many times in BC waters and also made their Alaska trip. Bring the 10.5 as you'll likley dive with sea lions at some point... Marli is right that the vis may be variable, but it is possible to shoot wide angle in lower vis. Also the 60mm rules in colder water for macro. The 105 is great if you plan on looking for smaller nudibranchs, etc. The 60mm is good for fish photography. The 105 is only needed on rare occasions for certain fish that are more skittish.. Have a great trip! Captain Lever will do his level best to ensure it is a memorable one. Cheers, Jett
  11. I have been very pleased with the bifocal lenses I have purchased from Ozbob Custom Face Masks Australia. Contact Rob Hamilton email: Ozbob@bigpond.com Website: http://geocities.com/ozbob2003/ Initially, I ordered both mask and prescription lenses from him. When my prescription changed, I only ordered the new lenses for the same mask. Rob was very quick in responding to any inquiries. Good luck! Jett
  12. Hi all, I need to upgrade my laptop and am giving serious consideration to moving away from a windows laptop system and purchasing the 15" 2.33 Ghz Core2Duo MacBook Pro. Does anyone any feedback to share on the performance of the 200 gig 4200rpm hard drive vs the 160 gig 5400rpm HD? I'll likely load it with 3 GB of ram. Cheers, Jett
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