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  1. Beautiful video and observation. I love watching the Dascyllus especially when they hide in the branching corals. They look funny.
  2. Beautiful video. Love the exposure and the perfect blue background. I guess we are able to get rid of the purple background that initiated this post Well done.
  3. The one and only, the Red Sea Super amazing video. Lighting couldn't be better, just perfect. Well done.
  4. Very lovely video and edit George. It looks like you set the iso on a fixed value? Or was it set on Auto iso?
  5. I will try your settings next time for sure. I'm still shooting video with the brain of still photographer thinking that in post I can adjust exposure as easily as it is for RAW still photos. Learned the lesson now, that it is not the same thing at all I will also use my other FIX Aquavolt 7000 lights and underexposing -1 EV for sure. Thank you my friend.
  6. This is another short video for my USAT Liberty wreck dive in Bali. https://youtu.be/prR1iNP48nU?list=PL52BA3958DF7A6D08 Settings: Shutter priority at 50/s, Auto ISO, Auto WB Lens: Sony 16-35 f4 Lights: 2 FIX Aquavolt 3500
  7. These were the sites I dove in Misool area: Gus's Rigge: schools of Barracudas, Jackfish and Batfish Boo's Rock: Nothing of significance here, according to my logbook * Magic Mountain: Oceanic Manta, Reefshark, and diverse marine life Boo West: Schools of diverse small reef fish Grouper Net: Hard corals and schools of fusiler There were other major sites but we couldn't dive them as the weather and currents were really bad.
  8. If you like the quality of my video, these were my Premiere Pro export settings: Format: H.264 Preset: YouTube 1080p HD, or 2160p 4K if you wish to post a 4K video. I believe the same settings will do also if posting on Vimeo Basic video settings: I did not change anything here Render at Maximum Depth: Checked Bitrate settings: 1 pass, Target 25, Maximum 50 Use Maximum Render Quality: Checked Audio settings: As is but changed Bitrate setting to 256 kbps
  9. Here is the A7R II different WB modes test video at 20m depth, ambient light. <iframe width="640" height="390" src="https://youtu.be/--4pRdwSNYQ"frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe> https://youtu.be/--4pRdwSNYQ Not sure how to embed a YouTube video
  10. Interesting test. For my taste, the landscape and autumn leaves styles look promising. To compliment your test, I will post a video of the different WB settings, except custom WB, with ambient light at 20m depth.
  11. Beautiful video Alfredo. Indeed WB perfection. Can you please share your cam setting for such beautiful video?
  12. Thank you buddy for your input and helpful tips. I do need to go back to Indonesia, Komodo my next destination, for anther round of shooting. I wasn't happy with the UW Auto WB, as it evenly turns subjects kind of yellow. I'm thinking of covering one fin with a mat white sticker and perform custom white balance with depth changes. A bit of a hassle, but worth trying I guess.
  13. Thanks George for your feedback. Yes Misool resort is one of the best and Fiabacet reef is a spectacular one. Looking forward to seeing your videos.
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