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  1. Hi all Is anybody using the Nauticam 140mm dome with a Panasonic 8mm fisheye? I'm curious to know how much it vignettes? Cheers Joe
  2. Remember the days when micro four thirds cameras were actually small? It's time for an upgrade for me and I'm selling my Panasonic GX1 and Nauticam housing. It's a great little package that would be ideal for someone looking starting out in underwater photography but is on a budget. Especially if you are looking to put together a travel friendly setup. I have done 100-150 dives with this camera and it's never given me any problems. It's listed on ebay with a starting price of £175: https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Panasonic-GX1-and-Nauticam-Housing/263432740341?hash=item3d55d09df5:g:I44AAOSw-RhaWKhi The camera has delivered some great images that I'm very happy with, please check out the underwater pics on my instagram if you're interested: https://www.instagram.com/jwmmarlow/
  3. Yes that's exactly what I was thinking, I reckon one of these custom triggers (http://wetpixel.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=44632) could be adapted to fit in the gap. Which assembly do you think would have to be removed? Some measurements would be hugely appreciated! On my GX1 I've been shooting at 1/160 which is fine 90% of the time but for sunbursts and dark backgrounds for macro shots, I'd like to go just one or two shutter speeds higher.
  4. Hi All My Panasonic/Nauticam GX1 setup has served me well but is due an upgrade. I'm looking at the GX85 and liking the look of it's compact form. The only significant downside I can see is the slow flash sync speed. Is anyone using this camera primarily for stills and finding the sync speed a problem? I think if you used a flash trigger rather than the inbuilt flash then you should be able to bump speed up a notch (probably 1/250th) but that nauticam housing is really small, not sure it would fit. Has anyone tried this? Cheers Joe
  5. I use that combination for my Panasonic GX1 in a Nauticam housing and it does vignette. It's not huge, so I just crop it out, but it definitely vignettes
  6. Hi everyone I am looking for a nauticam macro port 65 for the olympus 60mm macro lens. If anyone has one going spare, please get in contact! Cheers Joe
  7. yeah I found that too, but that actually sent me on a trail to another website which is still selling it
  8. Awesome, thanks for that!
  9. Hi all Does anybody know of a good Macro lens option for the Hero2? I'm coming up short in my searches for an off the shelf option so I'm happy to do some DIY work if someone can recommend a lens that will work. I'm looking at the MacroMate Mini which is meant for the hero3 or 4 and am wondering if I can rig it up to my hero2? Any help would be awesome Cheers Joe
  10. I know there are not many of these knocking around but if anyone is interested in parting with one then please send me a PM. cheers Joe
  11. No I haven't, although that is a good idea. Actually I've just checked their smugmug page and they have a few shots taken with OM-D and the PZ 14-42mm lens and the GFC1 conversion lens - all the pics look perfectly acceptable. I'll drop them an email to see what they thought of it and what port they used. I'll let you know what I find out. Joe
  12. I am trying to put together a nauticam setup for my Panasonic GX1. At the moment I am can only really afford to go all out for one really nice lens and as I am mainly a macro guy it's going to be the Pany 45mm. But I was thinking if i wanted to have a nice cheap WA option why not the 14mm pancake plus the DMW-GFC1 fisheye conversion lens? All rapped up nicely in the 3.5" semi dome. Does anybody have any experience with this setup or any thoughts on why this might just be be a terrible idea? Cheers Joe
  13. I am selling my Canon G7/Ikelite setup on ebay. I have broken the setup into three different auctions - camera, housing and DS51 strobe (plus arm and cord) which can be found at: Camera: Canon G7 0013803071221 | eBay Housing: Ikelite Canon G7 Housing | eBay Strobe: Ikelite DS51 Substrobe | eBay These items are only available to ebay bids and I'm afraid shipping is within the UK only. Please do ask if you have any questions. Cheers Joe
  14. Hi I am Joe, a marine biologist from the UK. I've been using a Canon G7 in a Ikelite housing for a few years now and really enjoy underwater photography. I've recently taken the plunge and gone mirrorless, so I'll be trading in the old faithful G7 soon and getting myself a nauticam setup for my new Panasonic GX1. I can't wait!
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