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  1. If that winds up being the case, I feel ok with the YS-01 strobes, or my big blue lights.
  2. assuming this was sold? saw the ebay listing, then it was pulled down quickly.
  3. I suspect unless Im really close to the subjects, strobes won't be making a big difference regardless of power. I went back and looked at others images and vids from their trips, the majority seem to be ambient. Appreciate the posts from all, thank you folks.
  4. Thanks Ian. I'm not too worried about diving 'heavy'. I trained in the northeast of USA, and dive plenty of 5 mil diving here in FLA during the winter months. Crap vis would sure concern me though. I generally use my Big Blue lights for video, never really for stills. What strobes did you use? Sounds like you had an awesome trip. Any humpbacks? Thanks for the customs tip. I need to dig into that more.
  5. I had not thought of that, thank you. Website shows the Inon Z-330 for rent for 300 bucks/7 days, which is nearly half the cost of the light... (I'd need it for 10 days). Ponder this I will.
  6. I am booked on an April liveaboard trip to Socorro Island, where there will be mantas, sharks, dolphins, and perhaps other large species. My concern is my lighting for either video or stills is not powerful enough, and wanted some other opinions. Generally, I'm a macro guy. Gear: Olympus TG6 Wide Angle Wet Lens 120° Two Sea and Sea YS-01s (gn 20) Two Big Blue 4200 lumen lights I would spring for the YS-D2js (still looking for used), except now the D3s are coming out, and of course, at a premium price, which is also killing me. Part of me wants to use what I have, but the other part says I may never have enough money for another trip like this, and want the best possible shot at great images/vids. I would appreciate any ideas, thoughts, comments from the more experienced wide angle big fish guys & gals. Thanks in advance, Stu Beans
  7. where in FLA? Im in tampa area, and interested. you can email me directly - levst02@gmail.com
  8. excellent working condition, never flooded. comes with two diffusers. $250 for the pair. email stu@stuartphotography.com - located in Tampa FL
  9. Tampa full time now. email me direct if you like - stu@stuartphotography.com
  10. Before I buy new, does anyone want to sell their TG-5 and housing?
  11. all in mint condition. Will include diffusers and sync cables. 120s - $300 (net to me) for the pair 90 - $150 (net to me) happy to meet locals in the tampa area, otherwise shipping is extra. Paypal preferred
  12. I also have two YS-250s i can sell. reach out stu@stuartphotography.com
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