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  1. Sigma 70mm F2.8 EX DG macro lens for Canon mount. Used only a couple of times for topside macro work. No longer have a need for it. Very sharp lens. Like new. Includes padded case, manual and original box. New list at B&H is $499.00. Asking $300.00 plus shipping. US shipping only. Please PM me if interested.
  2. An issue that I found very frustrating with LR was in the slideshow module where it would randomly jump back to the first slide. Discovered on some forum that this could be prevented by "rendering standard previews" before running the slideshow. Wasn't a problem with some machines, but it was for mine. One of the bug fixes that Adobe announced with 2.3 addressed this problem and my slideshows run fine now.
  3. I also use a coil type tether. One modification I made was to add a plastic male/female clip to the housing end. Makes it easy to unclip and hand up to the boat crew.
  4. What an amazing group of shots. Keep them coming. This is my favorite of the year as it was on a Galapagos trip that included many firsts for me. First Whale Shark First time diving with large schools of big predators. First time I've had a playful sea lion try to pull a fin off my foot and blow bubbles in my face. First time I was able to dispell my long time claim that ' I don't get seasick ' Our DM (in the photo) was swimming along beside this guy and signalled me to stop. He proceeded to turn it in my direction and it actually swam right over me within a couple of feet. Thanks to all the fine Wetpixelians for sharing their knowledge and help this year.
  5. For sale - Ikelite 5508.45 port for Canon 100mm F2.8 EF USM Macro lens. Port has manual focus knob. Mint condition. No scratches. $100.00 usd plus shipping. New one at B & H is $189.00 US shipping only. I'm NOT set up with Paypal. PM me if interested.
  6. I use the Visible Dust products and they work well. One thing I picked up a couple of years ago is their Sensor Loupe. This little gadget is really worth considering, in my opinion. When you think you have your sensor clean, a quick look thru the Loupe will find the little stuff that's hard to see with your eyes. Sensor Loupe
  7. I've used the Sigma 150 with an Ikelite housing and their 5505.58 port. For me, the 100mm macro works better underwater due to quicker focus lock, but the 150 fits the above port just fine.
  8. Marli, If you are still looking for some tips, here is a video tutorial that describes the basics of how the adjustment brush work. In the right panel click on the "Scott K.-Adjustment Brush" link. Some other helpful links as well. Hope this helps. http://www.photoshopuser.com/lightroom2/ FWIW, the brush tool was so slow when I first downloaded 2.0 that it was almost unusable. As Steve pointed out above, when I deleted 1.4 the brush suddenly became a lot faster.
  9. Thanks for the kind remarks. Makes me feel like I'm doing something right. Technically not the best shot, but there's something to be said for being in the right place at the right time. The visibility at Darwin and Wolf was excellent. Absolutely ripping currents and washing machine surge that really kept us on our toes (fins) These spots treated us to whale sharks on almost every dive, schooling hammerheads, Galapagos, White tip, Black tip and Silky sharks. Flights of Eagle Rays, Golden Rays and Mobulas with close to 100 individuals in a group. Pods of dolphins competing with dive bombing Frigits and Boobies for the baitfish. Just awesome ! After those sites, my favorite was Cousin's Rock with the huge walls of fish that blocked out the sun and some rather large seahorses. Gordon Rocks was a little disappointing with visibility that reminded me of the local quarry. Water temp was a surprising warm 72 - 75F degrees. I wore a 5mm suit and it was too much. Some folks brought drysuits but that was overkill and one lady tore hers on the barnicle encrusted rocks. Best purchase I made prior to the trip was a pair of Kevlar gloves. Came in very handy when holding onto a razor sharp barnicle with one hand and the camera rig in the other while a 4 - 5 knot current tried to rip the mask off your face. The whole trip was one big adrenalin rush.
  10. Thanks guys, The trip up north was an experience. I had a SCOP patch, also eating Dramamine like candy. Didn't lose it, but came close a couple of times. Finally got my sea legs on the last day of the trip. This particular whale shark was a male. Dive masters were all excited about that as they apparantly are pretty rare. The females are frequent visitors but they hadn't seen a male in a couple of years. The DM's were swimming around under the belly of this poor guy taking pictures of his "privates". There was a Galapagos Marine Park vessel in the area doing some studies and they were contacted about the spotting.
  11. Just returned from Galapagos on the Aggressor I. Incredible trip with many firsts for me. Six dives at Darwin and Wolf with good visibility at both. Vessel crew was top notch. The long run out to these locations was an experience in itself. Being woke up one night when my camera bag was tossed out of the closet and across the room due to rough seas was a little disturbing. These two shot with 24mm f1.4
  12. There is a set screw on the control knob. Loosen it with an Allen key and slide the knob up just a little. Retighten the set screw. This will give the shaft a little more reach and make better contact with the dial.
  13. Coral Reef Adventure with Howard & Michele Hall
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