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  1. I've been considering this lens for my 5D / Ikelite


    According to the Sigma spec sheet, the lens extends out to 5.7". It is 3.7" retracted.

    Ikelite port 5505.58 (which I have) is listed to work with lenses less than 6.1"

    If, as Bruce indicated, the 5.7" may be incorrect and there may be a problem.


    On paper, therefore, it appears it would work. Am I missing something ?

  2. I tried to go with the 24/1.4 but my credit card started to overheat from all the action. :) Damn, full frame doesn't come cheap.



    Ahhhh, I feel your pain ! :blink:


    If you still have your 20D stuff and want to part with it, you might try listing it here in the classifieds. The fine folks at Wetpixel were good enough to relieve me of mine (along with a bunch of EF-S lenses)...which helped get me out of hot water on the home front.


    You'll love the 5D. My aging eyes really appreciate that BIG viewfinder. Wideangle takes on a whole new meaning.

  3. Any suggestions in getting past the person standing by the steps outside the airplane (ATR-72) making any bag that "appears" oversize be checked in the hold? I've read that the maximum sixe is 36". ThinkTank makes a bag that's compliant with this size. It's just the guy with the double digit income and the single digit IQ that wants to seperate me from my camera that scares me.




    The thefts , at SJU anyway, seem to be from luggage that is checked thru for the baggage handlers to sort thru behind the scenes. I have had to surrender my Lowepro wheeled carry on planeside in the past without incident. It has always been waiting for me when I get off. I've yet to have my backpack taken from me. I, like many others, have resorted to using checked luggage that looks too disgusting to be opened.

  4. Been a while since any information was posted about San Juan so I sent an inquiry this morning and received the following reply:




    Regarding your request, the only thing that can say is that even though some arrests have been made, we are still in the process of investigation and identifying other parties with similar habits In an attempt to completely stop the thefts in our airport. The only advice I can offer you at this time is that you take what ever precautionary measures you need to take in order to safeguard your equipment. Hopefully and with GODS help this will end soon and you and all of your clients can enjoy once again some peaceful travel with out the headaches."



    So.....Even though it appears some progress has been made it would still be advisable to carry on anything of high value....or check it thru at your own risk.

  5. FOR SALE----










  6. Hello Daniel...and welcome to the site.


    The 17-85 would work fine for diver and larger fish pictures. I have used it and worked well when I didn't really know what the dive site would offer as far as photo opportunities. You will need a +4 diopter for using it underwater behind a dome port. It's not a macro lens and on your crop sensor body not very wide. Therefore, the Canon 10-22 or Sigma 15 would be more usable as wide lenses. The Tokina 10-17 is also reported to be a very good lens but I haven't used it. For smaller critters you will want a macro lens and the Canon 60 is a highly regarded option. Very flexible for macro as well as fish pictures. The 100mm macro is a great lens but not as easy to get used to as the 60.

    I would stay away from the bag type housings. You're correct about the 100-400. Can't (and wouldn't want to) use it underwater.

    As mentioned in the previous post you will also want to add strobes to the setup and there are different options for that as well.

    Like many others, I started out with Ikelite housings and strobes due to the cost factor. There are other great housings out there, depending on your budget.

    Check the site sponsers at the right for prices and availability. They offer a much higher level of personal attention than some of the huge camera retailers. They are great folks and really do want to help.

    The classified section here on Wetpixel is a good resource for used equipment.

    Once you decide on housing, strobes, lenses you can post here again and the very talented membership will be glad to answer specific questions.


    Hope this helps.




    Went the full frame route recently and my wife says somethings gotta go ! Since she wasn't clear whether that meant me or some camera equipment, I'm parting with some gear in the hopes I'm reading her correctly. :D


    Canon 20D body - 1 year old - been on two trips - in mint condition. - $600.00

    Ikelite 6871.20 housing - same as above. - $950.00

    Canon 17-85 EFS lens & B+W +4 diopter - $400.00

    Ikelite 5503.90 special port for 17-85 - $120.00



    Everything is in great shape, no scratches on port, etc. Housing comes with dual Ike tray. All in original packaging with manuals. Camera comes with battery, charger, cords, etc. I'm a fanatic about my camera stuff so rest easy that everything is in excellent condition.


    List for all of this new is a little over $2750.00. Will sell individually at the above prices or as a package for $1970.00 total. You pay shipping. I'm not set up with Paypal, so PM me if interested and we can work out payment.

  8. Hi David,

    good shots.

    I have the same equipment: 5D and ikelite housing. Which ikelite flat port are you using with the sigma 150 mm macro?, ¿could you show pics with that lense?




    Hello Miguel,

    Just now catching up on my Wetpixel reading.

    Ikelite 5505.58 flat port is the one to use for the 150 Sigma. Make sure that the focus limiter switch isn't moved when you slide the port over the lens. This lens wants to 'hunt' quite a bit when focusing, but setting the limiter switch helps. Very sharp lens. You need to be extremely still and carefully select your focus point to make it work. I need some more practice with it !


    Here are a couple taken with the lens.



  9. Geez...you guys amaze me. Some really great images here.


    I tought I would add one just so ALL the posted pics aren't potential contest winners. :wacko:


    I like this one simply because of the time it took to get it. I camped out in the sand for most of the dive and took over 50 shots of this little jawfish excavating his new home. I kept firing away trying to get one of him spitting sand. He finally got comfortable with me being there and went about his business. Not a great photo (heck, none of mine are) but special to me just the same.



  10. post-2595-1165793193_thumb.jpgpost-2595-1165793213_thumb.jpgpost-2595-1165793232_thumb.jpgJust returned from Little Cayman and my first trip with the Canon 5D. My initial impression was how pleasing the 'blues' were right out of the camera. Also how lighting a full frame wide angle image is quite different than lighting WA with the 20D. I really enjoyed the larger viewfinder image. The 5D seemed to focus much quicker as well. I spent some time with the Sigma 150 macro which, as others have reported, will try your patience. I concentrated primarily on wide angle and playing with sunballs using the ISO 50 extension. I still have things to learn, but feel I'm getting there. Any constructive criticism is welcome.

  11. In the past few months I have been trying to get a response from Homeland Security in San Juan to my emails requesting any kind of update in their investigation. Since a federal gag order was imposed some time ago, no information could be given out.


    Today I received a PM from one of Reef Photo's customers asking who to contact as this person had some equipment stolen at SJU. Ryan had steered him to me for help. I gave him the contact information and also sent another e-mail to Homeland Security asking for an update and advising of the newest theft. I, like many of you, found it hard to understand why the thefts were still common after we had all but taken the authorities by the hand and led them to the person we were pretty sure was involved. It became pretty obvious that the thieves were reading the Wetpixel postings. Eric then agreed to pull the thread. Some information I received led me to believe that my name was known to some people that I didn't particularly want to run into. I started looking over my shoulder quite a bit...and stopped posting here about the topic.


    At any rate...I finally got a response today after my e-mail to our contact person.


    "Good Morning Sir:

    In response to your e-mail I am very happy to inform you that one arrest has been made regarding the thefts. Regarding the investigation it is still on going and we are hoping to make more arrest in the near future."


    So, although we should still use caution to protect our equipment while traveling thru SJU..it appears that some positive developments have taken place.


    As before..be careful what we post and PM me if you know of any new thefts. Thanks Ryan for pointing your customer to us for help. And besides...he is now a registered member. :blush:

  12. Steve


    I would have to second Alex's comments. Use the center focus point and move the camera around a little and lock onto an area with contrast. The 20D is a very capable camera.


    I have both the 60 and 17-85 so I'll give you my take on the lenses.


    I consider the 60mm my favorite lens. For me it focuses extremely fast and it is my lens of choice for night dives. I use a focus light at night but seldom need one for daytime. I assume you are using the 5502 port with this lens. Keep practicing and soon you will automatically set the focus point on a point of contrast, then recomposing.


    On the 17-85, the special 5503.90 port has an external knob that operates the zoom control. It won't operate the manual focus ring. I really like this lens when I'm not sure what I'll find on a dive. Works well for fish portraits and reef scenes. You will need a good +4 diopter with it as it doesn't focus very close to the camera. Also, the port has a nasty habit of tripping the AF/MF switch on the lens when you slide it over the lens and attach to the housing. Make sure you check to confirm the autofocus is working before you jump it. You can't see the switch with the port installed.


    As imasleeper noted, on the 60mm, any movement on your part once autofocus is locked and using a wide open aperature will result in a blurred image. When I'm shooting macro, I'll normally take 6 to 10 pictures of the same thing just to be sure I'll get a sharp one.


    The only time you should be concerned about the camera on-board flash is if you are in full auto mode. In full manual or shutter/aperature priority the flash won't automatically pop up.


    Hope this helps.

  13. Hello Brian


    The lens hood for the 10-22 won't fit inside the port so you can't use it underwater. For topside, the hood helps some with flare, but it doesn't stick out very far from the end of the lens so it doesn't help much. I have the hood, but seldom use it. To help with backscatter, get as close as possible to the subject and aim the strobes straight ahead. I use 2 x 8" ULCS arms on each side.

    Another thing you might try is using the Magic Filters with this lens without any strobes. Works well under the right conditions and eliminates the backscatter problem.


    Hope this helps.

  14. Hi Chris..

    First, Congratulations on the pending new arrival !!! Boy is your life gonna change. :)


    I already have arms and ports, and a Nikon lens won't help with my 20D. But in case you don't get any buyers for your gear....


    I'm thinking the port would make a dandy bottle warmer...and you could probably figure out a way to attach the Ike arms to the crib rail and hang a couple of those little musical teddy bears from them. You could even submit it as a DIY project. :blink:

  15. Luiz,

    One of the problems was that the FBI wasn't the only one that the victims contacted.

    For all we know, the guy that everyone figured out was selling stolen goods at that time may be behind bars. That was last October. Keep in mind this theft ring has been going on for many years. They are smart and they have a lot of players involved. Not just one guy. We just need to be very cautious on what information we post in a public forum, and hope that they are stopped soon.

  16. Hello Mike and welcome...


    James Wiseman did a review of this setup a while back. May be helpful.


    DC500 review


    Shutter lag may prove to be very frustrating for you with this camera. One of the comments indicates significant lag time. I have not used this camera so am not really qualified to give 'expert' advice.

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