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  1. I am down south in Sanur. So if you are staying before or after the trip for a night down south then that works. Or, I may be up that way at some point during that time, not sure. Will let you know if I do. The guides at Seraya are great and know the reefs and critter sites exceedingly well. No worries about staying there, you will have a good time.
  2. Lol.. Joe, why didn't you tell me you were coming to Bali? My guides would have taken great care of you... Let me know when you are here, would be good to meet up
  3. Good report, what is the name of the dive centre? I don't see that listed
  4. Hello all, just wanted to let you know that our latest Podcast is now available. This episode features Dr Mark Erdmann of Conservation International. Mark is a long time resident of Indonesia who was a leading proponent of the creation of the Raja Ampat Marine Preserve and other areas around West Papua. He is a Marine Scientist who does a lot of fish research and is the co author of Reef Fishes of the East Indies with Dr Gerry Allan. In a very informative conversation, Mark discusses the challenges of marine conservation throughout the world, the history of Raja Ampat as a dive destination, and a whole bunch of other goodies in a wide ranging discussion. One of the highlights is that he states he is very optimistic about the future of our oceans. Check out the links below to either watch the episode on Youtube or listen to it via iTunes or Soundcloud. YouTube: https://youtu.be/JQMqXHh98J4 iTunes: https://itunes.apple.com/ca/podcast/uwt-diving-and-adventure-podcast-011-dr-mark-erdmann/id1368418769?i=1000425002583&mt=2 Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/user-593343154/uwt-diving-and-adventure-podcast-011
  5. Hav a look or contact Doug Sloss of underwaterlightroom. He and his wife Lorenza offer a lot of expertise on all Adobe products and they do both workshops as well as one to one stuff. They also have lots of products available with tips specifically aimed at underwater photography and Adobe
  6. I would say get the TG5 or a used TG4, should be easy to find one of those. Then, no need for a strobe at first if that is above your budget, but do get a decent light such as a FIX Neo to get better colour from the TG. It takes amazing macro in the microscope mode
  7. since they put in the bridge its not as bad as it used to be. Maybe 35 mins from the airport to Swiss Bel
  8. As you are in Singapore I would suggest a visit over to David and Sanah at Scubacam Singapore. Bring your housing and camera with all lenses with you, they can help you get the right lenses and ports setup for a Nauticam system. Looking at the port you currently have, you can't add an additional macro diopter to it as there is no threads on it. Which lenses do you have? Just the one? You may need a second "macro" lens and port to achieve what you are after
  9. Hey all, our latest podcast is out. This week we welcomed "The Jetlagged" to our studio. Hendrik and Claudia are conservation film makers who have recently released a documentary about Manta Rays in Indonesia and the fight to protect them. We discuss that, Bio Rock building, and 360 degree underwater film making. If you are a fan of YouTube you can find it here: https://youtu.be/HpPCDJ79xMY If you prefer audio you can find it on iTunes here: Underwater Tribe Podcast by The Underwater Tribe on Apple Podcasts Or on Soundcloud here: UWT Diving And Adventure Podcast #007 - The Jetlagged Don't forget to Subscribe if you would like to hear more episodes in the future
  10. HI Garry, you need a minimum of 3 posts to be able to post in the classifieds. You are now at 3 posts
  11. that army of crabs is amazing. Happy with the camera performance?
  12. We have a last minute availability of a space in a Budget cabin on the Mermaid 1 liveaboard for a trip to Komodo! This is with a male so it's best that the space would go to another male. The dates for this trip are 1 - 10 June 2018, in other words in around 3 weeks time from now. The Mermaid 1 is the flagship vessel of the Mermaid fleet, this 9 night trip will depart and return to Bali. Therefore, there are no domestic flights needed. All of the best spots in Komodo will be visited on this trip with amazing black sand sites in Sangeang, Manta Alley, Horseshoe Bay, and Castle Rock all on the itinerary. The space is 2900 Euro (approx USD $3473) plus a National Park/Harbour Fee of 150 Euro (approx USD $180, paid directly on the boat). The Komodo itinerary is a special one as there are really amazing encounters with mantas, big schools of fish, beautiful reefs for wide angle opportunities and world class macro life as well. A member of the Underwater Tribe will be on hand to help with all photo related questions. This is not a Photo Workshop but there will be plenty of photo talk and some casual presentations about the best way to capture stunning images in the Komodo area. For more information please visit: Komodo 2018 Or email us directly at info (at) underwatertribe.com
  13. The latest episode is out now, featuring Christian Loader, a long time wild life and marine life photographer who is based in Malaysia. We have a great discussion with Christian about some of his history, including being stabbed by a stingray! Christian Loader Podcast We have also now been listed on iTunes, so if you prefer a strictly audio podcast then we can be found here: Underwater Tribe on iTunes
  14. Your strobe positioning is fine. One of the main problems is that you are using S instead of M. If you have a look at your photos I think you will find that most of them have an fstop of f2.8 or similar open fstop. You are getting far too much natural light in the photos and the colour doesn't pop because of that. Try using M with 1/125 or 1/200 on nicer day and f5.6 - f8 with ISO 200 and the strobe on TTL.
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