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  1. Such sad news, it was always a great visit with David in Singapore. Wealth of information and a world class tinkerer/inventor. He will be missed!
  2. Bret Gilliam discusses the time when he was attacked by oceanic white tip sharks at 300 feet! Listen to a first hand account of this incredible story of both death and miraculous survival as a pair of oceanic white tip sharks encounter three technical divers at depth. Bret is a natural story teller and this story is only just a small portion of a full 90 minute podcast with Bret from June 2020.
  3. We are happy to present Mike Bartick on our show today/tomorrow (depending on where you live!) It will be at 8am Bali time on Friday the 14th of July. That is 8pm on Thursday 23 July on the US East coast and 5pm on the West Coast. Join us on our YouTube Channel for a great discussion of Mike's macro techniques on the final show of "Macro Week". You can find us here:
  4. We are excited to host the legendary Stephen Frink on our podcast today! Stephen is one of the world's most published photographers and currently is the Publisher of one of the best diving magazines around, Alert Diver. Please join us on YouTube to listen to this fantastic interview with Stephen 17th July 2020 (Friday morning) - Underwater Tribe Live Show Bali & Singapore 8:00AM Melbourne 10:00AM Adelaide 9:30AM 16th July (Thursday Night) California 17:00PM (16th July) Florida 20:00PM (16th July) (Europe&Africa - catch us on the replay @17:00 Bali Time)
  5. We are very happy to present a fantastic interview with legendary big animal photographer Doug Perrine. Doug has been one of the world's top underwater photographers for many years with an iconic collection of photographs from the world over, including his BBC Wildlife winning images of the Sardine Run. Join us for this wonderful conversation with Doug.
  6. Hi gang, we had a great discussion with Burt and Maurine yesterday on our podcast/liveshow. We spoke about their early careers and how they started in UW Photography and then continued with a discussion about Raja Ampat and the Birds Head Seascape. Please head over to our YouTube Channel so you can watch it along with their fantastic photographs.
  7. Hello everyone, we are happy to host natural history film maker Kay Burn Lim on the show today, please join us at 5pm Bali Time, 10am UTC. Watch it on our YouTube Channel or our Facebook Page. Natural History cameraman Kay Burn Lim joins us on Wednesday's Live Show. Kay is an award winning Director of Photography, photographer, and drone operator who has worked on a variety of shows broadcast on National Geographic, Discovery, and the Smithsonian Channel among others. Kay joins us to discuss his path into a career in cinematography and shares photos and stories of many of his favorite highlights. Connect with Kay Burn Lim: https://www.kayburn.blog/about-kayburn/ https://www.instagram.com/kayburn/?hl=ja Underwater Tribe Live Show -17th June 2020 Bali & Singapore 17:00PM Melbourne 19:00PM Adelaide 18:30PM South Africa 11:00AM London 10:00AM (North & South America - catch us on the replay )
  8. Get ready folks, at 7pm East Coast US time (4pm west coast) on Thursday we are talking to one of the most iconic members of the diving world Bret Gilliam. Tune in on the Underwater Tribe Facebook page for an in depth and entertaining conversation covering over 50 years in the diving business! On Facebook you can join the Live Chat and ask questions of Bret. If you miss the Live Show, don't worry, it will be available on both FB and YouTube after the show is over. Underwater Tribe Facebook Page Underwater Tribe YouTube
  9. We are happy to have Wetpixel's own Adam Hanlon appearing on our Live Show tomorrow, 3 June 2020. The show will broadcast on our YouTube and Facebook Channels at 5pm Bali time, 10am London time. After the Live Show finishes it will be available on both platforms free of charge. We have a great chat with Adam about his history, diving in the UK, the evolution of social media, and what Covid 19 means for future dive travel. Please join us, we will have a Live Chat going on Facebook so feel free to join in and ask questions. YouTube: Underwater Tribe Live Show with Adam Hanlon Facebook: Underwater Tribe Facebook Channel
  10. Hey All, we will be going live today with underwater photographer and freediver Pepe Arcos! Please tune in if you can Underwater Tribe Live Show -27th May 2020 Bali & Singapore 17:00PM Melbourne 19:00PM Adelaide 18:30PM France 11:00AM London 10:00AM (North & South America - catch us on the replay ) You can watch either on the Underwater Tribe Facebook page or the Underwater Tribe YouTube page
  11. Hello everyone, Just wanted to share an incredible interview/podcast we posted yesterday with the legendary production team of Howard and Michele Hall. They share stories of how it all began, tales of IMAX filming, the challenges involved in traveling with a 1300 pound camera housing, and so much more! It includes wonderful photos and videos to illustrate the stories. You can see the episode on our YouTube channel here:
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