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  1. They are white striped coral shrimp yes, i work as a diver... how can you tell? hahaha
  2. I would also choose Lion, i have flown them a lot, but as Batik has bigger seats and more room that is a definite plus, as well as food! Batik is a sister company of Lion, I believed they will still be there in a years time
  3. both Garuda and Lion depart Jakarta around 1am and get into Ambon around 7am or so, there is also the new Batik Air (Lion Airs "up scale" new airline that serves food and has bigger seats and more headroom for about the same price) I would take Batik or Garuda myself. With both of those options you can "sleep" on the plane (or not) but get into Ambon at a nice time of day so that you can join the afternoon dive after a short morning nap and taking time to put your stuff together Batik Air ID6170 Jakarta – Ambon 00:30 – 06:00 (direct flight) Lion Air JT790 Jakarta – Ambon 01:30 – 07:00 (direct flight) Lion Air JT886 Jakarta – Ambon 05:10 – 11:55 (1 stop) Garuda GA640 Jakarta – Ambon 00:30 – 07:35
  4. HI Greg, when you imported your photos from the card to Lightroom you would have had to choose a folder location for them on your Mac somewhere. Can't you just navigate to that folder by going to your Mac HD and then navigating there? That will show you the folder and if they are there
  5. no photo? I don't believe it happened
  6. try the 10.5 one, its a small square one, and then use some tape to fit it as a rear filter, thats what people were doing with the 10-17 that doesn't have a rear mount.
  7. Ahh.. Gotcha, I was there (at the new wreck) a couple of weeks ago..
  8. Nope, there really hasn't been any since 2010 when a couple showed up for a brief time..
  9. December full moon means schooling eagle rays and hunting hammerheads in Rangiroa.. but.. you Stoney Cove types might not be able to handle the current
  10. Holy thread resurrection Luiz! I am now on my third DSLR: D70, D90, D7000 but still have not gone TTL, mostly due to the fact I still use YS 120 strobes, I just picked up a New To Me one last year for $90! Nice
  11. Well, thats a big area with a lot of variety, Indonesia has the highest fish variety in the world. Raja is more of a wide angle place with lots of colour and soft corals as well as schooling fish etc. Wobbegongs are common there which are fairly unique outside of Australia. Lots of pygmies as well. Bali, black sand diving is great, mimics, coconut octopus, blue rings, rhinopias for the littles and mantas and mola mola for the big depending on the time of year you will be going. Who are you diving with in Bali?
  12. Quick update: Deluxe Suite is no longer available. 1 twin/double room still available at $5775 per person
  13. hehe.. some pros that I have dove with are absolutely shocking in their disregard of the environment and do far more harm than new divers just to "get the shot". Others have perfect skills and absolutely try to protect the reef all the time.. it really is amazing the difference in the views of pro photogs as well as other photogs. The ones who should know better are often the worst offenders, I have patience with new divers, I have none for those who should know better
  14. Yes! I think I have only been on the winning side twice now haha
  15. eagle ray! damn! so close..so nice
  16. John.. just put NSFW in your post title and all is good! nipple as much as you like (within reason before papa drew slaps us)
  17. I use YS 120s with mine, no optical and no TTL but the power is great, I picked up a like new reconditioned one for $90 last year! best purchase I have made in a long time!
  18. Very nice set! I think you are off to a great start. The grunts are a perfect shot, nothing wrong with that at all. One question I have is: where do you have your strobe positioned on the closer photos, by that I mean the puffer and the goby. Also, could you let us know what your settings are for fstop, shutter speed, and iso? Your colours are great and the exposure is almost there. As the others have mentioned an upward angle would help to isolate the subject more from the background as would strobe positioning. Are you using one strobe or two? A slight change in strobe positioning and fstop/strobe power will make a big difference in the more macro shots to help isolate your subject and make it "pop" I think you are almost there as you have the basics down very well, just a few tweaks here and there
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