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  1. I find it rather ironic that the post after Simons "swedish" dig was from Viking from Sweden! (no offence E_Viking!! ) Bent.. would you like me to slap Simon for you?
  2. Further update: 1 deluxe suite is still open and space for 1 male in a twin share room
  3. that is someones real name? or a stage name? Regardless, thats a lot of video power!
  4. The magazine has gone under officially. Not only will the issues not come but I for one have not and have been told that I won't get paid for contributing to it. Shame really, it was a nice mag
  5. the sunball in the second photo is done very well, nice capture. The whole set is well done
  6. nice set, first one stands out especially
  7. Yes, they are fusiliers at night not sure which one though
  8. HI Karen, can you try adding the photo again? I don't see one here
  9. Haha, thanks Erwin. Hope you enjoyed Raja, its one of my fave places and the Algae Patch dives are very productive. Did you get to see the small croc that lives there?
  10. correct, the fingered dragonet either the Dactylopus dactylopus or kuiteri
  11. jealous.. so clear and so shallow! Great pics John
  12. Thanks for the compliments guys, much appreciated. It took a long time to do but the interface between the 3 web building templates works almost seamlessly and is very simple to follow
  13. HI Steve and Martyn, thanks for the comments! Much appreciated
  14. Hello all, over the last few months I had some time to completely overhaul my website using Wordpress and Graph Paper Press and integrating it all with my Photoshelter account in order to have my image library fully searchable all from one easy location as well as an easy place to link to my blog and social media sites Would appreciate any feedback on the results! http://www.mikeveitchblog.com Thanks
  15. Hi Leigh If you go to Alamy.com you can click on any photo in their library and an interface will come up that asks a few questions such as usage (advertising, editorial etc), country, term of use etc. Once you fill in those variables it will give you a price that would be in the ballpark for what you need.
  16. really? who asked you to delete it? Vimeo? Did they say why?
  17. damn! that would wake you up such beautiful blue water!
  18. good answer Kaj, and also glad to see you are getting a lot of offers lately!
  19. say No with a capital NO! They have a budget or they wouldn't be producing a show.. They are just trying to get quality footage for free by trying it out... NO NO No Having your footage used doesn't mean anything, in fact if you don't get paid for it then its actually an insult to you, they are saying your time is worth nothing.. And "credits" don't pay the bills or buy you a new camera!
  20. I used to work there from 02-04 and South Pass was my favourite spot then, glad to see that 10 years later the population is still there! Great work
  21. great shot, were you able to do any diving there?
  22. MikeVeitch

    Name change

    yes you can, perhaps send a pm to Adam for that
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