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  1. really? i just tried again and it keeps saying "connecting" until time out.. weird.. every other site i try loads for me strange
  2. Hi Michel, good to hear from you, I tried to click on site but it won't load for me..
  3. correct, sea and sea had/have their own housing fitting which is the same as the strobe end or with the Nikonos fitting. The one you have in the first picture came standard with the Motormarine film camera back in the day. I thought it was still an option for their current housings but maybe not?
  4. sea and sea housing to sea and sea or inon strobe. Inon and Sea and Sea use the same fitting.
  5. Wow! That has got to be the coolest penguin photo I have seen in a long time! Well done John!
  6. fantastic shot! will get there one of these days! Glad you enjoyed the experience, must be amazing This shot has a very cool perspective, everyone always gets the blue water ones.. I think this one stands out a lot more Was Jennifer working on the boat when you were there?
  7. I have that same combon, YS 120 strobes, no TTL. Leave it on 1/2 power. You will find most of your shots will come between f14-f22 or so... just check your shots and the histogram on a regular basis to dial in the right fstop. The further you are from your subject the more "open" the aperture needs to be A lot of the time I use just one strobe in order to create interesting shadows, you may want to give that a try
  8. welcome back to planet earth Nick.. thought you had fallen off the planet.. interesting that you picked a 6 year old thread to come back to though haha
  9. Nothing wrong with the 105 strobe, its a good one! However, it won't work with TTL with most of the modern cameras as far as I know. You will have to shoot full manual with it. but that shouldn't be a problem
  10. Its a great looking magazine for sure! Good job John, looking forward to seeing the photos
  11. Due to a recent cancellation, the deluxe room is now open again. The twin/double room is also still available, a total of 4 spots, contact info (at) underwatertribe.com
  12. Now that brings back a few memories. Great work from the two of you!
  13. Thats a good point Drew, a trip up the river is a great addition to that trip, the monkeys are cool and also a chance to see pygmy elephants, orangutans, cool snakes etc.
  14. Thanks Pam and Simon... Simon: Botak hates my whaleshark photos with a passion
  15. For those interested, I have written a blog post with my 10 personal favourite photos from the past year, along with the stories behind the images as well as a bit of insight on the year in review over on my blog, it gives a bit of insight into working in the dive industry as well http://mikeveitchblog.com/favourite-images-of-2012/ Here are a couple of them along with the story behind them: I spent a lot of my time in 2012 shooting wide angle photography, in fact, as I peruse my photos I seem to have shot macro a total of 3 times in 2012, on the 11th, 12th, and 13th of January in Horseshoe Bay! As part of my wide angle series, I shot a lot of scenics and was always in search of interesting hard coral scenes. For some reason I just love a healthy hard coral garden, when others get bored of all the hard coral, I am just amazed with the foundations and designs and can spend all day taking natural light photos of healthy reef. Here is my favourite of 2012: Coral Reflecting on the Surface, South Loloda Islands, Halmahera Province, Indonesia One dive also stands out for an amazing cave filled with golden sweepers, no words necessary.
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