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  1. ooo... good job on the Titling sir... So, the close up with the eyeball, is that the MP or the stacked diopters? or a crop from one of them? EJ: puked due to motion or whiskey?
  2. Fantastic images so far as always! Great job gang.. This is not a very good image technically or subject wise, but its one that gets you thinking. For years I have seen the result of bomb fishing and always cringed over the damage it created, however, I had never seen one of these home made bombs, until now! This one was lying in an area of fresh devastation and when we saw it we made sure to get our people out of the water rather quickly after that. However, I just had to get a picture of it! It was probably one of the most nerve wracking photos I have ever taken, i really didn't want to get close as who knows what would set it off?! I even turned off my strobes and got out of the water as soon as I snaped the pic As you can see, its made of a couple of bottles filled with kerosene and fertilizer amongst other ingredients.. Not my best image that is for sure, but its the one that made me think more than any other in 2012.
  3. good stuff Jenny! I seem to recall you doing that on the couch last time too..
  4. Nicely done Richard, makes me miss those group hunts on blue corner with all of the predators chasing some fish into a coral head Great viz on the German Channel dive too!
  5. very nice Ferg! Is that a whale shark at the end? That footage was a bit dark.. sort of a "did I see that or was that a cross fade?" sort of reaction for me. Also, I agree with Drew about the red napolean. Other than that its an outstanding demo reel, music goes well
  6. Hey Martyn, the whole gallery is done with a compact? Great WA shots for that, what sort of add on WA lens is on there? Which housing? Some really nice shots and great coloUrs as well
  7. Cool video.. and a great little story, i like the bit about the sharks chasing you out of the water Seeing a dugong there is quite rare! Must have been a great experience
  8. you can't do 6 hours Simon?!? lightweight.. Thanks, yes, it does take patience that is for sure, as well as luck, that Octopus I still haven't figured out what it pounced on..
  9. yes, quite early in the season. Always my favourite time in Palau is school time!
  10. haha.. yes traffic in Bali is rather fun at the moment with all of the construction Good looking stuff Tim, glad to hear those 2 treated you right
  11. In Raja its even stranger: at Manta Sandy its reef mantas, over at Blue Magic, less than 20km away, they are the pelagic variety.. Interesting
  12. Good stuff Nick, those look more like pelagics rather than reef mantas. Is that the case? Some look quite large.
  13. very nice set! Did you have Yan aboard for your trip? I see you have quite a bit of macro in there with the flambo and waspfish etc, were those from Algae Patch/Happy Ending areas? And, looks like you had some great luck with the mantas. When were you there?
  14. you could shoot them with 100mm but i think they are too large for that, you would only get head shots really, nothing wrong with those as it can show some good personality, but I think you are better off with a 60mm for the octopi or a wider angle, here are two samples. 10.5mm with 2xTC 60mm
  15. The macro/invertebrate life is not as good in RA as Komodo, but it does have some good macro life, lots of pygmy seahorses etc. But Komodo much better for the little stuff. Where RA stands out is the fantastic colours of the soft corals as well as great schooling fish behaviour especially fusiliers and sweetlips. RA and Komodo are the top two locations in Indo for sheer variety of things to shoot. If you want macro life... stop in Lembeh Strait before or after your trip to RA, you can fly direct to Sorong (RA) from Manado where Lembeh is
  16. good stuff Mr Wags and friends What as that one shark silhouette? looked like maybe a wobbly?
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