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  1. good stuff. Is that all yours or just the underwater stuff? who or what is Calypso? and.. what was that shark silhouette? wobbly?
  2. Sounds like a great experience! whalesharks are amazing creatures for sure. Were you trying to post a photo to accompany from your facebook? I don't think you can post a whole set at one time. Instead just post a couple of the individual shots by using the little photo icon on the top of your post
  3. Have you ever been on a plane where they show a bunch of underwater scenic reef shots? I have come up with my own short video of similar short scenics set to some soothing music to calm the masses have a look! http://youtu.be/Yub1ub00f-s
  4. good stuff Paul, Komodo is my fave
  5. Thanks guys.. Loftus, actually I doubled the speed on the cuttlefish! Its the orange froggie that really needs to be seen in slo-mo.. I will give it a shot and see how it looks
  6. gone! thanks Tim. The best way for folks to report a spammer is on the bottom of the offending post, you will see series of buttons on the bottom right, one of which says, Report.. just click on that and fill in the word spam and it gets reported to the Mods. Thanks
  7. Here is a short interview and portfolio on the Sport Diver magazine website: Mike Veitch Interview and Portfolio
  8. I am down to just the Twin/Double remaining for this trip, if you would like more info please visit the new page I have created for the trip Underwater Tribe Komodo 2013
  9. Good start, i think everything looks pretty good. You have done well one thing about your buddy.. and i know cave divers like black, but.. a single frame clear mask would be a lot better for the close up shots, that way you won't get the shadows on his face
  10. Here is a short fun video from Lembeh of a series of different animals munching away on dinner! http://youtu.be/JXexf50vemY
  11. definitely two. Although one light does give some cool shadowing that can really make for some interesting video, especially in macro stuff, two is always better. You don't have to run them at the same power, keep one lower to still give some shadow for instance. However, for wider shots the spread of two is much better and if you have any issues with one light (bad charge, flood etc) then you always have that second one with you. I can't comment on any of the specific lights though
  12. Lion also has some flights in the Air Asia terminal.. the Jkt to Bali flights for instance. Now that is a nice terminal! with Jco even.. Is the old ugly domestic called T1? I can't remember haha, i thought it was called T2... it doesn't have much of anything after checking in and going up the stairs. Outside there are a few of places you mention though.
  13. Ya, there are a few different domestics there, which airline are you flying with?
  14. a flip is a mount that the red filter fits into and sits between the lens and the port. You can flip it down in front of the lens when you want to use it and flip it up out of the way when you don't.. its very handy.. not sure if Ikelite has that option but you may want to ask them
  15. alright... so where are the photos of this party?!? Eric, maybe it was canceled because you weren't there
  16. well.. the red filter also means you are losing a stop or two of light, at 100 feet you could use that extra light. Video lights are only good for stuff up to about 6 feet away, so they are good to light up close up shots of the wreck but they won't help if you are trying to get general "scenic" shots. I don't know the wreck so not sure if it has king posts and such that come shallow? Your filter would still be good for those, however, filter is really only effective until 50 feet, not 70 in my experience. Does the filter have a flip? or will it be fixed to the lens? If its a flip then you can try both and see what works better. Perhaps you can borrow or rent some lights for the closer shots?
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