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  1. Steve.. Professionals must wear a shirt... and shave once a week whether needed or not! Besides, my forearms are quite tanned! Drew- shut up Martin- was good to meet you and thanks again for the gift I did think you look confused when i mentioned the greenforce lights i bought off of you on the first day! haha
  2. yes, I am actually looking forward to this, I may actually purchase my first camera in the 00 category if/when it comes out. I have gone D70 to D90, now thinking of the jump.. (I have only had 2 DSLRs since 2004, seems crazy doesn't it ) Not that interested in the D7000 The more robust body is what I am thinking about as opposed to the workings etc I hope they introduce it soon, my D90 is dying...
  3. Step 3: relocate video equipment in the office somewhere...
  4. Daniel, you two left RA? I thought you had croc encounters there! Didn't know about the ones in Alor.. Don, all land based diving or a liveaboard?
  5. Yikes, I know that bar.. in a very popular area..
  6. how do you know this Simon? can you see him underwater from the back of your tractor?
  7. Oban... good single malt around there, major bonus!
  8. wow, i have never tried to use the chromatic aberration tool... now it has its own thread!
  9. Hmm, but i drink a lot of San Mig Light.. this isn't the Phils?
  10. yep, definitely too long.. you have been screwed.. Not American standard, industry standard for the most part, German may be different..but i would give any magazine or publishers at least 60 days before sending emails etc asking about payments.
  11. Interesting, i voted for the penguin option. With my slow net the photo on WP slowly loaded from the top down and I thought i would vote for the hammer as it slowly came into view as i thought it was going to be a strong vertical hammer portrait, but then it stopped halfway through the fins and it seemed like a very unnatural place to "end" the photo, so it was the penguins for me.
  12. Industry standard for magazines is to pay 60 days after the date of publication... so, theoretically, if your photo gets published 1 january then you should be paid by first week of march. Don't get upset if that is not the case. However, if you haven't been paid by April then you should start asking questions....
  13. I don't know who Taylor Kitsch or John Savage are and no i don't care to google it... however.. bite your tongue mister! Don't insult Canadians by comparing our knowledge of geography to Americans... 100% of Canadians can point to the US on a map, about 35% percent of Americans could identify Canada or Mexico on that same map
  14. As you mention Doug Perrine in this post, the nature photo stock agency that he founded (and still contributes to but no longer owns), Seapics, has rules for all of their contributing photographers that any manipulation such as digital composite, captive animal etc etc must be stated in photographic information before it will be accepted. They are quite strict about this. Obviously, again as you state, they, like you, can't control the final output whether the final output states (DC: Digital Composite, captive animal etc) or not, but it's in the photo information of all their stock photos on their website. So the final end product of the photograph such as a textbook or magazine can't say "oh, we didn't realize it was a composite" if someone calls them on it. Have a look at some of the late Jim Watt's photos of orcas and whale tales in the sunset photos on the Seapics website and you will see DC in the file information...he was honest and forthcoming when he was playing with photoshop. I am glad you readily state when your photos are manipulated like that, I believe that nature and journalistic photographers should be held to that higher standard and should have to state that about their photographs if they enter the public realm via publication in contests (wolf jumping over fence in BBC etc) or magazines etc. (photos on peoples flickr site, personal websites, facebook etc is a different category) Creative and other forms of photography don't need to be held in that regard in my opinion as it's a different form of photography.
  15. awesome! and you even got the schooling orange banded surgeons in Palau! did you also get the moorish idols schooling? Perfect timing alright Great stuff
  16. interesting.. last year i actually decided to start cropping a few select images here and there, after all, everyone else does it and so why not.. but, it makes me feel dirty each and every time i do it. This is a 105 with 2x TC, non cropped, full frame. Sure, i could have done the same with a simple 60mm and cropped it but... Don't people feel that sense of satisfaction from working on a photo for 30 mins before pulling the trigger and nailing the shot?! I guess not.. I dunno.. i assume 90% of people will say "use the technology, crop it in post" but I hate that, its just seems wrong That's just me haha.. i am becoming old and crotchety!
  17. yep, I just visited the smugmug site.. seems to be 6 of one and half dozen of the other
  18. it came highly recommended to me by another photographer, loads of support and good business tutorials in there, very easy and integrated photo sales direct from your site with choice of drop ship printers in either the US or the UK, and photo buyers do actually visit and search in Photoshelter itself. I am guessing smugmug has all this as well? I didn't really research smugmug too much
  19. how about photoshelter instead? mikeveitch.photoshelter.com
  20. This trip is now sold out! Thank you everyone who has signed up. I do have another trip on offer in August 2013 for those who are interested Komodo August 2013 with Mike Veitch
  21. Due to my previously announced June/July 2013 Komodo trip selling out so quickly, I am pleased to announce a second Komodo trip for 6-17 August 2013 on the luxurious Dive Damai II. Join me on an 11 night trip to the exotic Komodo National Park for a fun and informative trip concentrating on the most photogenic sites in the area. Unlike other trips where the boat follows a well laid out schedule they repeat week to week, we will pick and choose our spots based on photographic productivity and what the group enjoys the most. As of this time, the vessel will depart from Benoa harbor in Bali and finish in the town of Labuan Bajo in western Flores, the gateway to the Komodo National Park. Highlights of the itinerary will include Cannibal Rock and interacting with Komodo dragons in Horseshoe Bay, the Mantas of Manta Alley, Black Sand diving at Sangeang Volcano, and the world-class muck diving in Bima Bay. The Komodo itinerary offers the perfect mix of both macro and wide angle photo opportunities with a plethora of muck and critter diving as well as healthy coral gardens and a large manta population in the area. On this trip I will be conducting what I call an "informal photo class" throughout the trip. What is an informal photo class? I will give a few lectures on lighting, strobe positioning, and fstop/shutter speeds during the day as well as evening presentations including slideshows, movies, and other photographic topics. Of course I will be available at all times for questions on setup and photographic critique. I will also be available to answer any questions you may have on diving in general, Indonesia itself and anything and everything to do with diving and photography. Although many of the guests will be photographers, this is not a trip only for photo and video people; everyone is invited as the Komodo area offers a large "Wow Factor" for even the most fickle of divers. The Dive Damai II is one of the newest (as of November 2011) and most luxurious boat running in Indonesia and features many amazing amenities not typically found on other liveaboards. Please visit www.dive-damai.com for further information and photos of the boat. There are currently 8 spaces available for this trip in 3 classes of cabin, prices are as follows for an 11 night trip (flights are not included): Single Cabin (2 available): US $6325 per person Twin Share (2 available): US $5775 per person Master Suite (1 available): US $6875 per person A 25% deposit is required within 10 days of booking to secure your spot, I expect this trip to sell out very quickly so please inquire asap to avoid disappointment. For more information, booking details, and contact email addresses please visit: Underwater Tribe Komodo 2013 or send me a PM here on Wetpixel. If you are interested please book quickly as I expect this trip to sell out quickly!
  22. i saw him playing live last friday night So how did you pull the trigger? Or did you have your own remote trigger devices?
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