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  1. seems to be a common thing actually http://wetpixel.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=23076&hl=
  2. good info thanks. One question, what does sitting in a window seat have to do with it? Just the fact you are less likely to get up frequently or something else?
  3. I found this floating on the surface at Sangean Volcano off the coast of Sumbawa, Indonesia. It was about 2 feet long, i didn't touch it as thought it may have nematocysts Any idea? Very weird looking jellyfish if that is what it is....
  4. this one is not exactly London but its close.... oceanoptics.co.uk
  5. looks good Mark! Only twice a year? looks like a nice sandy bottom
  6. great story Jean, tough luck on the weather but good on you for persevering!
  7. Sean.. hahaha, now that made me laugh... Sorry Dave, I am smart enough not to get married so i can't help you
  8. Right, i asked him and here is a quote from Garry... "I generally make up my own names for dive sites to piss other people off." That sounds about right
  9. Haha.. I have no idea where Pelican Head is either! I use the local names as that is what is on the charts South Komodo i guess? Obviously he has made his own names rather than what is on the charts
  10. Interesting.. never heard of Disaster bay.. will have to ask Garry, thanks
  11. Castle Rock? haha, i always have wide angle there The 4 on a nudi was cool too! Yes, we have found fleas up in the north, but usually the ones that look like the ladybugs from down south.
  12. that one flea from Phil.. awesome colouration! where was that?!? never saw it before
  13. i like the Bevan inspired Hair Metal soundtrack
  14. I would ask for RAW files once it gets to the final round. All RAW images from all contestants is too much bandwidth I am sure. Once you pair it down to the finals then ask as it will be from that group where your winners come from.
  15. the navy has always stopped me from diving in Maumere harbour.. one of my guides got arrested once hahaha... (when he worked on another boat) The navy guys are kinda touchy about it. So you guys are lucky to have dove there at all Botak: nice collection Did anyone convince Gaza to cut his hair?
  16. where did you get the dragonets in the last pic?
  17. Hi Pete Basically the two Master Suites are quite a bit larger than the twin share rooms with their own private balconies at the stern of the ship.
  18. I have just sent out my final newsletter of 2011 with info on upcoming plans and trips as well as a photo tip in there. If anyone is interested in being added to the mailing list please send me a PM here. I send it out 4-6 times per year so as not to feel like spam Mike
  19. Komodo 2013 on the Dive Damai II Join me June 26th to July 7th 2013 on an 11 night trip to the exotic Komodo National Park for a fun and informative trip concentrating on the most photogenic sites in the area. Unlike other trips where the boat follows a well laid out schedule they repeat week to week, we will pick and choose our spots based on photographic productivity and what the group enjoys the most. The vessel will depart from Labuan Bajo, Flores and finish in the town of Bima on eastern Sumbawa. Highlights of the itinerary will include Cannibal Rock and interacting with Komodo dragons in Horseshoe Bay, the Mantas of Manta Alley, Black Sand diving at Sangeang Volcano, and the world-class muck diving in Bima Bay. The Komodo itinerary offers the perfect mix of both macro and wide angle photo opportunities with a plethora of muck and critter diving as well as healthy coral gardens and a large manta population in the area. On this trip I will be conducting what I call an “informal photo class” throughout the trip. What is an informal photo class? I will give a few lectures on lighting, strobe positioning, and fstop/shutter speeds during the day as well as evening presentations including slideshows, movies, and other photographic topics. Of course I will be available at all times for questions on setup and photographic critique. Although many of the guests will be photographers, this is not a trip only for photo and video people; everyone is invited as the Komodo area offers a large “Wow Factor” for even the most fickle of divers. The Dive Damai II is the newest (as of November 2011) and most luxurious boat running in Indonesia and features many amazing amenities not typically found on other liveaboards. Please visit www.divedamai.com for further information and photos of the boat. There are currently 10 spaces available for this trip in 3 classes of cabin, prices are as follows for an 11 night trip (flights are not included): Single Cabin (2 available): US $6325 per person Twin Share (2 available): US $5775 per person Master Suite (2 available): US $6875 per person A 25% deposit is required within 10 days of booking to secure your spot, I expect this trip to sell out very quickly so please inquire asap to avoid disappointment. For more information, booking details, and contact email addresses please visit: www.mikeveitchblog.com
  20. 20K for a lens?!?!?! crikey.. so is that what the camera will cost? 20k? i thought the whole next generation RED thing was going to be under 10k? guess i haven't been paying attention.. sorry, i have no opinion on the matter.. i haven't even heard of Angenieux haha..
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