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  1. Good job Simon! Drew, i will now pay you $0.4333 for that stunning photo of a great white.. erm... fin?!
  2. wow, all in the name i guess. it's even a bullseye photo with no sense of rule of thirds or anything.. its the photo that most non photographers would take in that situation.... and to remove all that stuff with Photoshop? My god! open season for manipulation in the photo contests now :D
  3. I would definitely suggest NAD, they have the large boats to do comfoortable day trips to east lembeh and bangka, that way you get great coral reef diving as well as the muck and you don't have to lose a day of diving while transfering between resorts.. Simon is very flexible for all of your plans..
  4. Dec? again?!? bloody Singapore teachers make a lot of money.. so many trips to North Sulawesi, so many holidays
  5. i don't make the itineraries i would like to see more close focus wide angle please
  6. Serge has now moved up the food chain Alvin! Pay attention.. oh, they haven't announced it have they? ok, nevermind
  7. Mmmmmm, beer..... You took over my job? Damnit!
  8. Mmmmmm, beer..... You took over my job? Damnit!
  9. You were in On On the other week Drew.. I saw you there! I use Bali as a base, or at least I have luggage in several peoples houses haha I will be there in a few days for a few days
  10. Ooo, nice shots Barb! Specially the first one... There was a thread on one of these several years ago... No idea how to find it though, did you do a search?
  11. I also wish that I had access to my old film and a scanner because my ps knowledge now would mean I wouldn't destroy the image like before. However, removing the scratches sure was tedious
  12. I use bali diving academy there, its located right on the beach, run by a swiss guy named renaud, good guy and he gives plenty of flexibilty for photogs and take you any of those places with your own guide. I think they are actually associated with amerta? Not sure, I believe the resort whose grounds they are located on is called Taman Sari.. But, its a small beach, they are on the left as you look out at the water
  13. Hmm, those waves look big.. Glad I am not diving bali with that swell
  14. Greaat report steve, glad to see the hammers are still there and a whaleshark!
  15. yes, Queensland has very strict diving regulations. As i said, take a flight to Adelaide and jump on the Rodney Fox great white boat, its not far.. it may not be tropical and blue but a lot more interesting.. you can do tropical and blue in SE Asia instead
  16. definitely the first one with the bw conversion, seems more detailed and bw suits the scene much better, second one is ok, third one is too green
  17. nice set.. where did you find the blue ring?
  18. Just put the potato in your bcd pocket and wipe in on before you hit the water. You may need to reapply if you are taking a lot of photos
  19. ahh, thats the fisheye of the 10-17mm, that shot was at 12mm. The film shot was 15mm so not a fisheye so the snells not so apparent
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