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  1. Estuary Stonefish, Synanceia horrida, i would say, as opposed to the reef stonefish. The key feature is the big pit behind the eyes
  2. Hello Wetpixelers... We have one last room available for our trip to Raja Ampat this coming March. The trip runs from 19-27 March Sorong to Sorong on the Mermaid 2 liveaboard. We have one cabin left, the pricing is 3200 Euro per person plus the 200 Euro Park and Harbour fees (payable on the boat). We will do 3 day dives per day (pretty much unlimited bottom time) plus a night dive. We will be hitting all of the best spots in the Misool area and the Dampier Strait area as well. As an added bonus at no extra charge, we will be conducting casual talks about underwater photography each day and how to improve your photographs. This will be a fun trip with a group of great people. If you are interested in grabbing this last spot please let me know here or email at info@underwatertribe.com Thanks Mike
  3. Yes, this could also be it, AF-C definitely the way to go
  4. Is it possible that one of the buttons on the housing is pressing a button on the camera?
  5. Get an Olympus TG-4 and a single strobe.. small, easy to handle, no lenses to change, great macro.. Just charge the batteries Piece of mind and you won't miss the photos while underwater, if i don't have a camera in my hand underwater i don't know what to do with my hands!
  6. Yes, good point, the BBF does not work in U1 or 2 without saving it first. Yes, it saves you from a sore thumb pushing and holding that button down hahaha....
  7. Please post examples, can't really help without. 1/250 should be more than enough to freeze the action so seems a bit strange to be honest
  8. HI Leah, it sounds like you have skipped one step in the process to setup BBF. When you are pushing the shutter button, that is when the focus goes in and out? To use the back button focus properly you want to turn off the ability of the shutter button to focus. That way, you use the back button to focus to the point you want and you can then pull the shutter button at any time after that and the focus won't be affected. Basically if something moves you can rock back and forth to bring things back into focus without having to focus again. This is a godsend when shooting macro I have the D7000 and the D7200 and they are a little different, one extra step with the D7200, I am not exactly sure with the D7100. With the D7000 should be this: Turn on your AF-C Then go to Menu -> Custom Settings (the Pencil) ->Autofocus - AF-C and set it to Release Then go to Menu -> Custom Settings (the Pencil) -> Controls -> Assign AE-L/AF-L Button ->AF-On Then test your Shutter button, it should then no longer control Autofocus. With the D7200 Same as above, however, also need to do Custom Settings -> Autofocus -> AF Activation - AF-On Only This last step turns off the Shutter button AF on the D7200 Key thing you need to figure out though is: when you push the shutter button half way, is it doing Autofocus? If so, then your back button focus won't work properly so one of the steps above needs to be done to allow it to work properly Hope that makes sense
  9. Good to have you back Bruce! Hope all goes well with the trip
  10. Royalty free means that your images will sell for typically less than a dollar and can be used for whatever the purchaser wants. Royalty Managed means they will typically sell for a larger sum and the buyer can only use them for what they state in the contract. Typically you will sell more from Royalty Free but only make about 25 cents per image. If you are interested in Royalty Free then there are better options out there such as Shutterstock, I don't think the Royalty Free market on Alamy is that big, I think they sell more Rights Managed (but don't quote me on that) I only sell Rights Managed on Alamy
  11. I like it, its clean and simple yet very effective and easy to navigate. Nicely done!
  12. New media should pretty much mean social media and online stuff I would think I would definitely ask them to change the in perpetuity part and replace with something that states one project only
  13. I would suggest it was a fellow diver with a light(torch)
  14. Good job, turning down that offer is best
  15. Have a look at Alamy.com and click on any photo. Then type in the potential use that this company has for your photo by clicking the different categories etc and it will produce a price for you
  16. i was using Dropbox to do it, upload to dropbox from your computer, then "add" to instagram from Dropbox on your phone. However, now I am using Hootsuite to do it. I can upload to Hootsuite from my computer and schedule images (up to 5 per day) for the future. Then the Hootsuite app on my phone notifies me to upload to Instagram. So it's not an auto upload but its pretty simple. Allows you to write all of the # and descriptions on your computer as well instead of having to do it from your phone which is something I really appreciate, I hate writing on my phone haha
  17. I put my camera in the housing with the dome port and carry it on by the handle, I then put it under the seat in front of me (don't do emergency aisle seating as many airlines don't let you put stuff under the seat in front of you on emergency aisle) Strobes i put in my laptop bag along with lenses (i have a big laptop bag) Arms, synch cords, flat port I check in wrapped in my clothes in a hard case)
  18. You are probably not going to like my answer and I don't mean to sound rude but.... I bought that lens more than 10 years ago (and still have it) but (mostly) stopped using it underwater within a few dives after owning it. I also hated the nasty corners that it gave me. I too tried using diopters to improve the corners on reef shots, but, then was limited to a certain distance when trying to take photos of sharks.. with a +2 on it I could no longer focus on a shark 6 feet away! However.... there is one instance when I still use it from time to time: when I want to shoot a shy pelagic such as a Mola mola which will not allow me to get close to it. The key thing is the word "pelagic" which is what you state is what you want to shoot. Why is this important? Because with most pelagics you will be shooting the fish/mammal against a blue water background and in such a situation the corners won't matter. This is much different than trying to shoot a CFWA of an anemone or soft coral, soft corners won't matter. Therefore, feel free to use this lens when shooting subjects which are swimming in the blue and do not use a diopter for that (or you won't be able to focus very far away from your port) However, don't try to take reef scenics on the same dive as you will be sorely disappointed with the corner results (although f11-f22 will help)
  19. Mr Tatts, manipulated images have been winning and placing in photo contests for years and years. Out of curiousity, why such a big complaint this year as opposed to any other year? Tired of shrimp? I saw a lot of emperor shrimp images placing in different competitions over the last couple of years but didn't think much of it... however, seems to have really got to you this time! The "manipulated" angle gets brought up each and every time a contest results are announced but this one seems to have garnered more attention than most. Have you complained about contests before or is this the first one? If so, why now and not before?
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