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  1. After many emails and a complete lack of professionalism with Caters News Agency in the UK I now have to go public with this tale of ineptitude. In May of 2014 I was contacted by Caters about a series of images that they wanted to distribute, I agreed and the images were made available to their distributors in June of 2014. Once the royalties were paid over a span of a couple of months I asked to receive payment, here is the reply as of 28 Oct 2014: Hello Mike, I hope you are well. Thanks for getting in touch with me. There is a sale from the Daily Telegraph online that I will get a royalty report sent out to you next week. I will arrange payment via PayPal after that. Kind regards Of course after a couple of weeks no payment showed up and I contacted them again and received this on 3 Dec 2014 Hello Mike, I hope you are well. I will add your due payments to my next payment run and will email you once they it has gone through. Kind regards, Another follow up on 29 January 2015 Hello Mike, I hope you are well. I am sorry for the delay, we have recently migrated to a new accounts system which is taking longer than anticipated. I will get it paid in the next coming weeks. I will email you once it has been processed. Kind regards, Still nothing of course, then here is the last one I received from them on 23 March 2015 Hello Mike, I hope you are well. I am sorry for the late response, I have only just returned to the office. I will email you once the payment has been finalised. Kind regards, It's now 22 April, I have sent them numerous emails in the last month and am being completely ignored, no payments have ever been sent and none of the people who I have been emailing in accounts, as well as the original contact person at Caters, answers my emails. As you can imagine this is EXTREMELY frustrating to have to chase what should be a professional company in such a way.. So a word or warning to everyone out there, be VERY wary of using Caters as a distributor of your images. Not impressed in the least...
  2. Thank you very much for the great write up Bill, much appreciated and glad you had a great time! Hopefully see you guys again soon
  3. I don't recall but does anyone remember if the D7100 fit in the D7000 housing? Therefore maybe the 7200 would?
  4. HI Karen That is the Linedcheek wrasse, Oxycheilinus digrammus, they have quite a few colour morphs, this is a nice capture of it
  5. great shots David, perfect blue throughout
  6. Hmmm... I do dumb shit all the time haha.. And yes, shoot manual so you don't have that problem in the future. However, doesn't help the lens cap issue. My fave is the stuck on manual focus one..
  7. and learn to edit and post process! Being able to put together a tight and beautiful edit really is they key to a great showreel. Hence I don't have one hahaha
  8. Hi Kelp No terminating of posts here, everything stays up for future users to find. We don't delete posts
  9. Theoretically model releases are only needed for advertising, not for editorial use. Think about newspapers, all those people in the shots in the news most certainly haven't signed a release. Going off to google Wyatt Neumann....
  10. How many of the pins are exposed in the hotshoe? All you need is the centre firing pin, you can cover the rest of them, and it will fire every time. Although on manual, not TTL
  11. I put my camera in the housing and take out one o-ring. Then I hand carry the housing. I put my strobes in my laptop bag. Arms and synch cords go in check in. Never had an issue with any airline, I put the housing under the seat in front of me, don't ask for emergency aisle though as you tend to not be able to put things under the seat in emergency...
  12. Join Mike Veitch and Luca Vaime for an Underwater Tribe Photo Workshop in Ambon, Indonesia on 18-25 March 2015 at the wonderful Maluku Divers Resort. This Photo Workshop will consist of a maximum of 12 divers along with our 2 photo instructors who will be giving daily presentations in the afternoons and evenings as well as spending "one to one" time with each participant underwater, slates in hand! We only have 4 spots spots remaining so please let us know if you are interested as this is filling quickly. This 7 night/18 dive package is $1900 USD per person based on twin/double shared occupancy. Ambon Bay is one of the top diving and photography destinations in Indonesia with incredible critter diving that rivals any location in the Indo Pacific. We have also timed it to coincide with the best weather in the area to maximize our comfort and diving opportunities. Maluku Divers boasts a fantastic camera room and the location is perfect for photographers with the dive sites only minutes away from the resort. For more information and booking details please visit the Underwater Tribe Ambon 2015 information page or send us an email at info (at) underwatertribe.com
  13. Hi David, sorry to hear that some of your trip was not up to your expectations but sounds like the photo opps and company were good. Just wanted to point out that what I have quoted above is not necessarily true, the workshops that we run we don't dive with cameras, only slates. We work one on one with folks and actually do show how to point the strobes while underwater, which I find does help a lot to support the theory classes as well.
  14. Was good to meet you there David, you sure picked a good time to be there! One to one guide and some evening entertainment as well. Glad you enjoyed your trip there.
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