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  1. ooo. did they say when that would start? I have some people booked on a tuesday flight in May...
  2. slideshow on the front page Kaj... you may recognize a few peeps!
  3. You should be able to do that with Chronosync and two drives that are able to attach via wifi such as a Synology. I do that myself but one of my drives is attached via USB but that shouldn't matter, you just need to be sure both drives are powered on and attached to a server, then synch them
  4. ah, ok. Number 2 of the ghost pipefish is a good example then, no barrel distortion that i can see. That's a huge plus for such a strong diopter, I am impressed.
  5. haha, why can't upload to WP? Sure, send me a couple, low rez please! my connection is shockingly bad...
  6. "Mostly" uncropped.... Can you show the original, non cropped whatsoever images so that we can have a true idea of any barrel distortion? No need for colour correction, just want to see distortion
  7. That's the one! Non venomous, very different for a seasnake. Glad to hear you found one in another area than Secret Bay, I have only seen them there.
  8. Lots of soft corals on the Liberty, also just down the road in Amed, about 15-20 mins away by car. A Bali safari sounds more like what you would be interested in. If you are a fan of the wide angle then I would suggest 2 days diving Menjangan, based out of Pemuteran, then head over to Tulamben for the rest. You can base yourself out of one of the resorts in front of the wreck and dive the wreck and reef for a day in Tulamben, then do day trips to Amed for a couple of days. You could also try diving in Nusa Penida for hard corals and the chance to dive with Molas and Mantas, but, its rather chilly at that time of year, in the 60s whereas up north like Tulamben, Amed, and Menjangan it will be 80
  9. that light with the Inons?!?!?! Flabbergasted, looks pretty good for that. Are you using a filter with your wide? the colours look very nice
  10. Nice work Morten, what system are you using for video?
  11. We are down to just 1last spot for the Lembeh portion of this workshop, so if you would like to join please let us know before the last spot runs out. We do still have spaces left for the Bunaken portion as well but the trip is coming up soon, don't miss out on what will be a fun trip with a good learning environment and a great time with like minded photographers
  12. I have seen a few places on the net saying that its the beaked sea snake, however, its not. Its a relatively benign species, quite common in Secret Bay, Bali, however... I can't remember the name! haha
  13. 60-90 days from date of publication is about standard, some will pay faster, others will take longer
  14. Wow! That is good money, Jim, I would suggest that as a start for sure.
  15. 2. You can monetize your Youtube channel. If you get millions of hits then you make a fair bit of money. This will also make others aware of the footage, then you may get offers for it. All the major news agencies and researchers for nature projects look at Youtube/Vimeo for new content. Really? I didn't know that, what sort of ballpark figure for say 1.5 million hits?
  16. I think a lot more people are commenting on the Wetpixel Facegroup page these days when it comes to the actual photos that people post. For information on technology and products and news then the forums are still the way to go. Try posting on the FB group Cal Cool image, like she is entering a time portal or something..
  17. For the Thalassa portion of this workshop we have received some new photos of our Private Compound that we will be taking over as part of our 6 nights in Bunaken. We will have this new compound all to ourselves, the perfect place to show and share our photos as well as conduct our lectures on the big screen. We have space for 4 more people for our Bunaken presentation, the 6 night/14 dive Bunaken workshop will concentrate on learning more about wide angle photography and how to capture the perfect balance between natural and strobe lighting, over/unders, shooting with natural light and filters, capturing blue and black backgrounds for macro photography, shooting models, silhouettes, and of course discuss different techniques in Lightroom. The diving will concentrate on the fish filled walls of Bunaken during the morning dives and then concentrate more on the fantastic macro photo opportunities in the area during the afternoons. We will have 2 photo instructors on hand as well as dive guides for each buddy pair. For more information please send us an email at info@underwatertribe.com
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