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  1. I won it with the BBC Wildlife.. but have never received it, I didn't lose it, someone else did
  2. I just got my first TV about a year ago, now you are telling me I have to upgrade? curses oh wait, I have to upgrade my $70 per month for 512mb internet instead? hmmm stupid technology..
  3. Yes, good questions: for the WB, if you set your WB manually based on natural light and then introduce strobes into the equation you will get a much redder photo than without, if you have it set on Auto WB then you will be fine. For your first question, the strobe fires a very fast but limited burst, it goes off so quick that a longer shutter speed won't be affected by the strobe. Overexposure from strobe will not happen from a longer shutter speed, only a more open fstop. For example: think of a night dive (no natural light) if you set your strobe to half power, and your fstop to f8 you will get the same exposure at 1/30 sec, 1/100 sec, and 1/250 sec as there is no natural light coming into the camera. Easiest way to think about it: shutter speed controls natural light, not strobe (except there is a max strobe synch speed on most cameras)
  4. Great highlight reel EJ! I think you should go to French Polynesia in 2014, I can be your guide! (For a reasonable fee... )
  5. Alright, the new year has started, if one of your goals for the year is to improve your underwater photography skills then one of the best ways is to attend a photo workshop with award winning photographer Mike Veitch. We still have space available for both the Lembeh and Bunaken portions of this workshop, we will be concentrating on improving your macro skills in Lembeh and wide angle skills in Bunaken. You can choose either portion of the event or attend both, either way, you will enjoy a fun event with some great people and enjoy one on one underwater tuition from some of the worlds finest underwater photography instructors. Contact us at info@underwatertribe.com for further information and bookings.
  6. My favourite shot was taken yesterday, the 31st! And in the spirit of cheating, its not an underwater photo but rather a shot of the ocean from the air instead. This is in the Misool area of Raja Ampat, near the Pearl Farm and Cave for those of you who have been to the area.
  7. definitely don't accept Credit only.. should be a very good fee for this usage. I put an image into the Alamy calculator for "Advertising on Television" and came up with a fee of $1870 You might want to try "buying" and image on Alamy.com to see what price it spits up for use, just plug in the terms they want to use it for and the calculator will create a price for buyers.
  8. HI Debbie! Thanks for the great review and very glad we exceeded your expectations, you had a great team with Gede and Gede and I was very happy to meet you while in Tulamben as well. We hope to see you again sometime soon! Mike
  9. Hi Paul, thanks for the review, was great to meet you in Tulamben and I am very happy that you enjoyed diving with us, glad we could make your Bali trip memorable and hopefully see you again on your next trip to Indonesia!
  10. NAD has a mix of healthy hard corals and black sand along with a few purpose sunk wrecks on their house reef
  11. Thanks for the write up Brett! Great to read about it on here and I hope you have had a chance already to jump in the water with your camera back home. I am out at sea at the moment so not that connected, I hope Luca has replied to your message from yesterday! haha Paul, was great to meet you in Tulamben as well, glad to hear that Gede treated you so well, I hope you enjoyed Wakatobi afterwards
  12. Congrats on the sale, must be some good footage. However, $80 is way too low, how long of a segment are they requesting? It should be more about $40-$50 per second with a minimum amount of seconds, 30 is not unheard of (even if you only have 10 seconds, should charge for 30) And yes, I would request more of a written contract with your and their signature on it, that way if they sell to a third party you can cover your bases etc
  13. Kevin, I believe everyone does at least a touch of processing unless shooting in jpg. RAW means doing some sort of processing as the photo itself never looks like it does on the back of the camera, therefore a touch of WB (in WA) and maybe some saturation is always needed. The goal is to pop the colours but not over process, you can really tell when an image has been overprocessed and doesn't look that great. However, if you want to print your images, especially on canvas, you will need to create a second file that really increases the colours in order to get a nice print, but it will look funny on the net so make sure you don't save it over the original.
  14. Tim, I think a before and after version of each image would help Kevin a lot in his question, if you don't mind showing a straight from RAW version as well?
  15. Great report Allison, thanks for sharing. The whaleshark experience is pretty incredible eh?
  16. A lot of the Canon compacts had the same issue but you can turn off that function. I hope you are able to figure out how to do that with your camera as well, very frustrating
  17. Sanah.. you are looking very colourful!
  18. It also depends on the speed of your subject. Can still freeze the motion of the subject with flash, but it also creates that "motion shadow" in both macro and wide. I shot this shark at 1/30 trying to get some ambient light as it was 16:30 and deep, thinking that the flash would "freeze" the motion, and it did, but then I also got shadow around the fins and the remora as well as a bit around the eye as well as the divers hand. So, although the flash "froze" the action, there was still a lot of blurry motion and shadow created by the combination of slow shutter and flash
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