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  1. Yes, the jetty is a great dive isn't it? But it can be COLD! Really like your Rhino shots
  2. Great set Luko! Love that schooling sweetlips shot and Nusa Laut is always a favoured location when i am in that area. I have also noticed there are a lot more fish in the Banda area, big schools of the red tooth triggers and others all around those islands. While its great for photography, I can't help but think there are "too many" of them.. which of course means there are not enough predators around such as trevally, grouper etc to keep the population under control. At least that was my observation.
  3. Wow! What an amazing thing to stumble upon, and it must have stunk really badly! You must have been stoked afterwards, looks like humpback?
  4. You would want to have the red filter on before you white balance. What the filter is doing is basically narrowing the colour spectrum for you, its not adding red but rather subtracting the blues and greens. Have it on, manual white balance, take the shot. However, filters are only good with strong natural light and a max depth of around 50 feet (15-16 metres) after that there is not enough natural light for them to work well, you will have problems trying to set the white balance. This is true for both photo and video. Also, its mostly just for wide and standard angle work, not for macro. Although you can get similar results not using red filters and just using the white balance and raw conversion, you will find these images are more noisy due to a less compact colour spectrum. At the end of the day, its best to have both strobes and filters for stills, strobe photos would still end up being the vast majority of your photos. For video work, filters are great for the WA end and some good strong video lights are best for macro
  5. Funny Drew! However, remember I got Dengue in Sanur, Bali, not in Sulawesi. You are far far far more open to getting dengue in Bali rather than north Sulawesi. People seem to think that as Bali is such a tourist destination that its not as prevalent as more rural area, however, that would be 100% wrong...
  6. I also lived there for 2 years, never took em, never an issue. I would be more concerned with Dengue Fever, but prevention is the same, long pants in the evenings and bug spray sort of thing.
  7. We are pleased to announce the second annual Underwater Tribe/NAD Lembeh Underwater Photography workshop for May 2014. Even better, we are adding a second location to this wonderful photographic experience: a week of learning all about Wide Angle photography in the beautiful Bunaken National Park at the all new Thalassa Dive Resort. In 2013, our five day photo workshop at NAD filled up very quickly and many folks suggested that a few days longer would have been a great addition to the class. Well, this year we listened to everyone’s desires and we have broken it down into two distinct, yet interlaced, programs. You can join us for 6 nights in Lembeh or 6 nights in Bunaken or for the true photo-holics, why not join us for all 12! It’s going to be a great event and we are looking forward to it already. May is one of the best months of the year in both Lembeh and Bunaken 7-13 May 2014 NAD Lembeh Resort Site of our original workshop and the best muck diving on the planet, the Lembeh Strait will be our home for 6 nights and 17 dives. We will arrive on the 7th and have an “Introduction and Set Up” evening before starting the diving portion of the event on the 8th. Our daily schedule will include 3 dives per day on the 8-12th and a final 2 dives on the morning of the 13th. Each day will also include afternoon and evening presentations from the photo instructors on a range of photography subjects from the basics to advanced macro techniques. As per usual with an Underwater Tribe photo workshop, the instructors will dive with slates instead of cameras and help every participant with “one on one” underwater instruction. We will also offer one to one photo critiquing each evening so that everyone gets a better understanding of what went right and what went wrong with their photos. As we are diving in one of the best muck and macro destinations on the planet, we will be concentrating more on macro photography techniques during this portion of the workshop but basic lighting techniques will also be discussed. 13-19 May at Thalassa Resort Feedback from last year’s successful photo workshop included several people requesting more “Wide Angle” for future workshops, therefore, we have listened and have included a Wide Angle week at the all new Thalassa Resort in the Bunaken National Park. We have scheduled our arrival at Thalassa on the 13th of May until the 19th. We plan to do two dives in Lembeh on the 13th along with lunch while packing our bags and heading over to Thalassa that afternoon. On the 13th evening we will discuss plans for the rest of our time in the Bunaken side of north Sulawesi and start diving with Thalassa the following morning. For anyone interested in just the Bunaken portion of the workshop they would arrive on the 13th. Our schedule is for 3 dives per day on the 14th -17th, 2 on the 18th and departure on the 19th. We will be concentrating more on wide angle and advanced techniques while diving the walls of Bunaken along with the wonderful reefs closer to the resort. The best thing about our 2014 workshop is that you can choose between a Lembeh workshop, a Bunaken workshop or get the biggest bang for your buck by joining us for both sessions and bring your underwater photography to the next level! The NAD Lembeh portion of this workshop includes 6 nights in a beachfront room, all meals, 17 boat dives, photo tuition and the seminar, transport from the airport for $1260 USD per person based on twin sharing. A single supplement is available for people who don’t want to share a room for $30 per night. There are also bungalow options available for $1367 per person based on twin sharing. For the Thalassa/Bunaken option the price is $1050 for 14 dives, photo tuition and seminar, transfer based on twin sharing. A single supplement is available for $120. For those lucky enough to be able to spend two weeks with us and enjoy diving in both Lembeh and Bunaken with 12 nights and 31 dives we offer a great promotional “combo package” for $2195 per person based on a twin share basis. We are expecting this trip to fill up very quickly after the success of last years offering, therefore, please contact us for more information and booking details at info@underwatertribe.com Or visit our website at www.underwatertribe.com as well as our Facebook Page
  8. Rephrase that one: "as Nikonos users did" Wasn't the fault of the camera
  9. i would suggest f8 with a wide angle lens, then using your light meter to figure out where you need to be with your shutter speed, dial in the shutter speed to be less than the 0, say - .7 to - 1. Then you will have to make adjustments to your shutter speed depending on which way you are facing, available light etc as the conditions and angles will change from one minute to the next. You could also use aperture priority, set it at f8 and let the camera choose the shutter speed for you, once again dial in the exposure control +/- slightly to the negative
  10. I have been using the Nimh on my YS 120s since around 2001, no problems so far and I use them a lot I think the strobes came out before Nimh was on the market so maybe they never updated the info as they stopped making those strobes many years ago.
  11. Hmm, not sure about that, I have not tried to do that with mine, might be better to send to Aquatica/Amphibico for them to do that professionally
  12. i used to use Energizer Nimh, now I use eneloops and they work fine
  13. Good job! Sad to see it in that way but glad you were able to help
  14. you have to turn off the camera and then turn it on again to do that.
  15. yea, every now and again I hear of someone who was able to do it. Its very strange..
  16. Due to a late cancelation we still have space available in a twin/deluxe room. This is going to be a great trip, lots of manta ray action in Komodo at the moment! Please PM me if you are interested in this last room
  17. You need an Indonesian Credit Card to book online with Lion Air. You are much better off to use someone such as Maluku Divers to do it for you
  18. Great report Jenny! Thanks for taking the time to write that, very appreciated! Glad to hear you enjoyed your trip and that we have made a Bali convert out of you. We enjoyed the trip with you guys as well, looking forward to the next one!
  19. Haha, I know, I was just being a dive guide, making up a name on the spot, we are good like that. Sorry, can't help.
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