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  1. Hi Raphael, my name is Luca. I am an economist, work in development. I am moving to Brazil for work in about two weeks, at the beginning of September. I am keen to connect with other underwater photographers to go dive with and develop some photographic projects. I have lived in many countries, primarily Africa, and I have published books in Tanzania and Mozambique. My feed is here: www.crudeli.it  I hope we can connect and we can dive together. I have no knowledge of the diving scene in Brazil.

    1. raphaelgatti


      Hi Luca, how are you? Good to hear that you are coming to Brazil. I’ve added you on Instagram, maybe would be better and faster to chat there. It’s a pleasure to talk and hope to dive together



  2. Hi Rick, how are you? I am an economist, I am moving to Brazil in September 2021. I am keen to get involved in marine conservation projects. I have published books in Mozambique and Tanzania and created a non-profit www.marinemarketsystems.org - I am more looking to have personal connections and bring my use of photographic skills for conservation objectives. I hope we can dive together when I am in Brazil? www.crudeli.it is my feed. Best.


    1. TimG


      Hi Luca

      I'm not sure if you intend this, but the messages you are sending can be seen by everyone.

      If you want to message a member directly you can use the Wetpixel Personal Message facility. At the top of your screen you should be able to see the usual email-style message envelope. If you click that it'll take you to the Personal Message (PM) facility.

      Best wishes

  3. Hey everyone! I have been a silent member of Wetpixel since 2009, when I started taking pictures, in Tanzania, where I used to live. I have published books in Tanzania as well as in Mozambique, the country I was most recently. I now live in Tunisia and I am moving to Brazil in two weeks. PLEASE ANY BRAZILIAN PHOTOGRAPHER, do contact me. I will be based in Brasilia, but I am ready to fly anywhere to take good pics. www.crudeli.it is my instagram feed. Looking for photo buddies, who can become friends! Great to be in touch. LC
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