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  1. Hi Gerard, thanks. yes, front & rear dials work, but "Q" dial is fast & easy : everything under one finger only, very convenient in certain situations, such as cave diving pics. And so, I guess I'll look for housings offering multicontroler access...
  2. Hi, might be a dumb question, but...let's go : On a EOS 6D in its Ike housing, I'm used to change settings via the Q control dial in manual mode : Q > push buttons left/right > aperture/shutter speed> SET. Fast & easy. As the 200DL housing for EOS 5D3-5D4-5DS has no joystick access, how do you navigate through "Q" control dial to change aperture and shutter speed ? thanks for your help Laurent
  3. Hi Marc EOS 5DMkII + Ikelite housing, for sale : 1000€ + shipping (Fedex, UPS) Email sent.
  4. yes, still available. I'll let it go for 600$
  5. Hi, I have the housing available if you want : http://wetpixel.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=56057 Not Nauticam or Recsea : Sea&Sea, but like brand new (1 dive in a pool), excellent quality, and fits both RX100 V.1 and/or RX100 V.2 Laurent
  6. I confirm 100 U$D to Kuala Lumpur, with UPS, 3 to 5 business days, instant tracking, warranty.
  7. I would say around 100$, but I'll tell you exactly monday when UPS & Fedex are open.
  8. Hi , I have for sale a SEA & SEA MDX-RX100 I & II -- 750$ or 700€ fits Sony RX100 and RX100 II Perfect condition. No scratch, no leak, no problem Used for 1 dive in a pool Comes with accessories : spare o-ring, cleaning towel, lubricant etc.. Price does not include shipping, UPS or FEDEX only, everywhere Housing is located in St Barth - French Caribbean. Payment via Paypal For any question : contact (at) laurentbenoit (dot) com thanks Laurent
  9. you can't go wrong with BigBlue. i'm using some of their lights from the small 220lms, to the big (but not the biggest) 15000lms : so far, so good. very happy with them.
  10. Hi, I have a full Ikelite SL1/100D kit for sale. 1000$ Perfect condition. No scratch, no leak, no problem. used for 12 dives in fresh water as a backup. Kit includes : - Ikelite housing for CANON SL1/100D - tray with quick release handle - Dome port w/ zoom sleeve for Canon 18-55mm and/or Tokina 10-17mm - neoprene cover - spare o-rings - CANON DSL1/100D camera - 18-55mm iS STM lens - battery + battery charger - cables ready to shoot. Price does not includes shipping, UPS or Fedex only, everywhere. Kit is located in St Barth - French Caribbean. Payment via Paypal. For any question : contact (at) laurentbenoit (dot) com thanks Laurent
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