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  1. My bad, I was talking about the Nexus D-200 housing as Matt already has a Nexus D-100 housing. Phil
  2. Hi Matt, You may want to check with Ryan at Reef Photo & Video, http://reefphotovideo.com/ Ryan had this housing in stock last week when I was by the store. It is very impressive and priced lower than some others of the same quality. If you already have ports and gears this would be the way to go if you can find the camera. Phil Rudin
  3. One choice is the Zillion housing for the Mamiya 645 AFD with the Sekor fisheye ULD 24 mm lens. http://www3.ocn.ne.jp/~zillions/645AFD/index.html Rumors of a Hasselblad H-1 housing from UK-Germany were also started several months ago. UK has built other MF housings in the past for film and digital. Phil Rudin
  4. Hi Mike, I would agree that "B" mode will have problems in macro underwater, but I think it will work well for wide angle. With the 8 mm fisheye and at 7 mm on the 7-14 mm zoom many times I am not looking through the viewfinder but rather pointing the camera at the subject. With the lenses pre- focused in manual I think having the 100% view on a 2 1/2 inch LCD my offset the shutter lag issues for many situations. This is also the reason that I would be more interested in a housing with an optical viewfinder and flat back for the LCD rather than an angled back and no optical viewfinder. Perhaps Michael can give us some insight into UK-Germany's thinking regarding this issue with their housing design. Phil Rudin
  5. The Panasonic L1 was shown under glass at PMA and I would not expect to see one on sale before the end of the year. While at PMA I talked to the Leica people and was told that it would not make much sence for them to make 4/3 "lenses" and not have a body of their own. Which would lead one to think more may be coming from Leica. Regarding the Sigma lenses, the new 4/3 105 macro lenses has that focus ring that has to be moved in and out to shift from AF to manual. This is great out of the water but I am not sure how well this will work in a housing if you want to be able to ues both during a dive. I talked at length with Richard Pelkowski (Olympus USA Product Manager for digital/SLR) about my likes and dislikes with the Olympus PT-E01 housing. Updates have been made for the macro port gear, but the same proprietary sync socket (Oly TTL) is being used on the PT-E02 housing. I use the Mike-Dive Oly TTL-C3e converter for the Nikonos V type cords in my PT-E01 housing and find that to be a much more useful standard. Regarding the upcoming UK-Germany housing for the E-330 the CAD pics look interesting. I am not sure that I would be willing to give up an optical viewfinder for the 30 degree angle of view to the LCD. I did test the the "B" mode (manual only) on the E-330 and found the enlarged image quite nice for critical focus on a support system. Not sure how well this will work in an underwater setting. Attached is an image using the E-330 with a 50 mm macro lens and ring flash to give an idea of focus control. P.S. It appears the new Pro Oly body will be announced by Photokina and released for next years PMA. Mr. Peelkowski advised the holdup is in regard to finding a sensor in the 10 plus MP range that will allow the results Olympus feels it will need to be competitive with with the top pro lines. Look for better focus speed, greater buffer and FPS speed and IS in camera to work with the existing line of lenses. Phil Rudin
  6. Interesting comments from Phil Askey regarding the outstanding new D-200. The full review is at DPreview. " When it was announced in November last year the D200 caused quite stir (and not just in the Nikon camp). It was clear from the start that about the only thing this camera shared with its official predecessor (the D100) was the Nikon badge and it's '00 name. From a design, build, features and performance point of view this camera really creates its own niche, it would be a pity to label it as 'semi-pro' because in use you soon realize that it's a professional camera. Which brings us to the competition, from a build/features point of view it's clearly ahead of the Canon EOS 20D/30D and in my opinion a step above the EOS 5D, a baby D2X." Phil Rudin
  7. Hi Alex, Ring flash has been up for some time, thought wetpixel had posted it already. The downside for DSLRs is the rather low guide number aimed more at digicams that only close to F-8 or so. I would love to try it in a three strobe arrangement. Phil
  8. Athena has added a new fisheye/superwide dome port to their line, at athena-opt.com. Phil Rudin
  9. New view of the Olympus PT-E02 housing for the new E-330 has an optical viewfinder and flat viewing area for the LCD. No angled back for the LCD. Camera on sale Feb. 24 and housing in April in Japan. http://i27.photobucket.com/albums/c197/Per...P2115155aw1.jpg Phil Rudin
  10. Hi Helge, It is clear that the Oly PT-E02 housing is going to have an optical finder which will allow use of the OVF as the main finder and the use of the LCD display when needed. Are you saying that the UK housing for the E-330 will have no OVF or just won't be sold with an oversized optical viewfinder like the one you have in development with UK? Also I see that UK has new housings for cameras like the D200 and 5D but that you are still waiting for your E-1 housing. What seems to be the holdup and how much longer will it take? Phil Rudin
  11. Lots of great diving in the Palm Beach area and water temp. in March/April should be mid to high 70's. Don't forget the great spring diving/manatee diving just north of Orlando. Have fun Phil
  12. These housings appear to have many of the same components as many of the Zillion housings in the Surf housing section on the japanese site. zilliondigital.com/ Phil Rudin
  13. I'm not sure I understand the problem Cliff. If you are interested in an Olympus housing for the E-300 the PT-E01 housing which is for that camera is already in stock at several locations. Phil
  14. I think not Cliff. If you look at the rear of the E-300 and E-330 ( dpreview.com has some large photos) for which the PT-E02 is being made you will see diffrences in the placement of the function buttons and the need for more space for the larger LCD. Phil
  15. Apete, I obtained my PPO-E04 dome from Reef Photo & Video a Wetpixel site sponsor and found the price quite competitive with other manufactures high quality glass dome ports. I had e-mailed Athena many months prior to the release of this dome in the U.S. and they would not confirm or deny making the glass for Olympus. The dome does not apear on their webpage and it does not appear it can be ordered direct. Regarding Panasonic, it appears they will introduce an entry level DSLR at PMA with the 4/3 chip and lens mount. Leica is also rumored to announce a line of 4/3 lenses during the same time period. Would love to see some wide primes. All good news for the 4/3 system enthusiast. Mboni, The E-300 and E-330 (coming soon) both have the U/W scene modes but I have never used them. Most of the time I have the camera in manual and at times use A-priority. More important is that a gear can be placed on the selected lens and the camera can be placed in AF-M allowing you to go from AF to manual by depressing the shutter half way or to switch from AF to M by rotation of the command dial one click. It may also be useful to note that UK-Germany has already announced an intent to add an E-330 housing to the their Olympus line which now has the E-300 housing and E-1 housing on the way. UK also announced at "Boot", a joint project with Helge Suess, an avid Olympus E-1 user and contributor to this fourm to present a new 45 degree swivel viewfinder. The Belgium manufacturer Hugyfot has also announced a stylish new housing for the Olympus E-500 which allowes for TTL via the built-in popup strobe. All of these new releases can be viewed in detail, including several photos of Helge"s new viewfinder on the "Digideep.com" home page. Helge says the viewfinder may allow for adaptation to several diffrent housing brands and allow a lower cost option. Digideep concludes that "this year owners of Olympus cameras on all levels will be warmly welcomed by the underwater imaging industry".
  16. I would add to Ryan's comments that all of the mid to high range Olympus e-system lenses are as well weathered sealed as the E-1 body. This is one of the features ( along with the dust remover ) that makes this system popular with photographers working in hostile environments. Phil Rudin
  17. Not to beat a dead horse, but Olympus has just announced the E-330 which has many of the features you have listed and retains the OVF. I know that it is an entry level camera and lacks the speed you would want but Olympus does seem to feel that this arrangement may appeal to many. I would not be suprised to see the same concept in a higher end ( 10 MP+) camera in the next twelve months. Phil
  18. Hi Julian, The Olympus dome for the PT-E01 and now E-02 was obtained from Reef photo and video. As far as Ryan and I can tell it is the same Athena glass dome (including coatings) that is called OPD-F 170 (fisheye) on the Athena web site. The diffrence is that it is mated with a metal base which threads into the metal ring on the front of the housing. Even the removable dome shade and dome port cover appear the same, except for the Oly logo. I will attempt to obtain the flange focal length of the E system when I go to PMA next month. Phil
  19. Hi Trever, it is the dome shade that created the problem not the port itself. The shade is removeable and I intend to shave off the offending corners of the shade when I have the 8 mm lens for testing. Like the first generation macro gear this housing seems to be a work in progress and I hope to see many of these issues addressed by the time the PT-E02 housing arrives. Phil Rudin
  20. Thanks Julian, Interseting article and comments. How if I can only calculate the Olympus 8 mm fisheye with the 170 mm Athena dome. Phil
  21. Interesting chart Jolly. Can you explain how these values are reached, I.E. AOV v. dome radius, lens mm v. chip size v. radius, etc. Thanks
  22. My point is that dust is an issue for all digital SLR cameras and one that Olympus was able to address having designed an entirely new camera system. I didn't say that everyone elses sensors have dust all over them, only that Olympus has delt with some of the issues of digital photography that others have not. Regarding the Olympus chip size, I am well aware of (and was prior to buyng the E-1 and E-300) the size diffrence between 35 mm, 1.7, 1.6, 1.5, 1.3 and so on. once again each has its up sides and down sides. I am also aware that larger sensors most offen preform better at higher ISO than smaller sensors. I am also sure that if I were needing a camera that had to have clean files at 1600 I would have looked elsewhere. I'm not sure why what I wish for should concern you but thanks for your imput. Phil Rudin
  23. Hi Julian, I am sure I will aggravate the C & N faithful by saying this but the diffrence in the viewfinders is minimal. I have owned Canon and Nikon 35 mm cameras in quality housings like the Nik 8008 and Canon AE and can not see a diffrence from the E-300. I also own a like new Canon 10D with 50 mmm F1.4, 28-135 F 3.5-5.6 IS USM and EF 17-40 F4 L (all like new in the box for sale at tropicalone@bellsouth.net) and can't see much of a diffrence other than it is harder to see into the corners of the 10D due the the diffrence in3:2 over 4:3. I have also used housings with the Subal/Sealux grand view and Seacam 45 & 90 viewfinders. These are great improvements over most housing finders, however the grand view cost more than my housing and the Seacam cost more than the E-300 and housing. This is I am sure money well spent, but not for a sub $600.00 camera body. I might also add that my Nikonos RS has a viewfinder better than any of these, so I am quite spoilled. As you say Olympus is a superb lens maker, that is what drew me to the E-system to begin with. They indeed need to address the issue of enlargement of the viewfinder system for the small format chip, but I think this is a back burner issue compaired to others they have. I am sure that we all have issues with each of our camera systems and when Olympus makes the E-1 replacement with a 10+ MP senser I may be willing to spend the money for the "grand view" and will expect a better viewfinder. Until then I have taken over 20,000 images above water with the E-1 without having to clean the sensor once. Seems like with the largest R & D budget of all the camera manufactures Canon (and/or Nikon) should have had an answer for dust by now, an issue of minimal diffrence as well. Regarding the bulkhead connector for the Olympus PT-E01/E02 housingit can be found at Mike-dive.de Phil Rudin
  24. Yes on the dome and shade, thanks to Ryan and Richard at Reef Photo & Video. The dome is an Athena OPD-170 (optical coating inside and out) on a mount for the Olympus housing and works quite well with the 7 to 14 zoom and extension tube. Waiting for the release of the 8 mm fisheye this month to round out my lens choices. The dome shade was designed for the OPD-170 dome and 35 mm lenses up to 14 mm in the 3:2 format. In 4:3 the image is slightly taller on the short side which was not taken into consideration before the domes were shipped. As a result all four corners of the dome shade can be seen in the image at 7 mm and about 5 cn will need to be shaved off. If you are following the progression of this housing line I also see that the manual focus gear for the macro port has also been redesigned. My gear ( 1st generation) is quite useless. I have since used an old gear from Aquatica for a manual Nik 105 I used with my F-3 housing and it works fine after being shaved about 4 cn on the inside. I plan to take this issue up with Olympus along with the dome shade and Micky Mouse bulkhead connector when I go to PMA next month. I have seen the dome port and both extension rings ( macro for teleconverter and W/A zoom lenses) in stock at several U.S. mail order houses. By the way, the dome port and extension tube work very well with the 11 to 22 mm zoom as well. This lens requires a diffrent gear than the one that comes with the extension tube for the 7 to 14. It is the gear that comes with the PPO-E02 port, gear #PPZR-E02. I have attached a photo of the dome shade problem. Phil Rudin
  25. With this camera and the PT-E02 housing you will have the choice to use both the OVF or the live LCD in one of the two modes. Having more choices seems like a good thing to me. Regarding the E-1, it has been out since October 0f 2003 and should be replaced before the end of the year, perhaps an announcement at PMA next month. Phil Rudin
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