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  1. Very nice video. Thanks for sharing. Somehow I missed your original post. We went out two nights with Matt from Jack's Diving Locker as well. Glad you also had a great trip! Doug
  2. The tannic water is back in the Santa Fe river over Devil's Ear making for nice photos as the clear spring water coming up from the Devil's cave system dilutes the tannic water of the Santa Fe river. Wedging yourself in the flow and shooting up in to the sun with fast shutter speeds can make for nice ambient light photos. Here is Mike Young of Kiss Rebreathers diving his prototype Kiss Spirit CCR last weekend.
  3. Due to a late cancellation, there are two spots available to snorkel with humpback whales in the Dominican Republic March 23-30, 2013. This is one of those bucket-list type trips. To be able to spend time with this these magnificent creatures is truly the trip of a lifetime. I have reserved 16 of the 20 spots on the liveaboard boat and I have travelled with everyone on the trip so I can vouch that it is a fun group. It is a week-long liveaboard trip on the Turks & Caicos Explorer liveaboard (www.explorerventures.com) . They move the boat from the Turks & Caicos to Silver Banks, Dominican Republic for about 3 months out of the year when the whales are there. The whlaes come to this protected area to mate and calf. You will have the opportunity to see mothers with their calves as well as the males competing for female attention. Tom Conlin is an expert in whale biology and behavior and has been running these trips for over 20 years. The cost is $2995 per person and includes lodging, meals, snorkeling, nightly presentations on whales, etc. Everything is included in the price but your flight to Puerto Plata, Dominican Republic. Check out Witness spectacular surface activity with the option to swim with humpback whales. Discover the magic... for more details about the trip. This is snorkeling only (no scuba) so everyone is invited! If you or anyone you know would be interested in filling these last two spots, let me know as soon as possible. My email is dgebersole@gmail.com. Thanks -- and hope to see you in the Dominican Republic. Doug
  4. I left the "forums" page and went to the "home page" to search and lots of threads came up. Thanks!
  5. Thanks, but I did a search in the forums for "black water", "black water night dive", and "pelagic magic". None gave me any results. If you have any other ideas or if you find something I did not, I would really appreciate it. Doug
  6. I am heading to Kona in a couple of weeks and planning on doing a few "Pelagic Magic" night dives with Jack's Diving Locker. I will be shooing a Canon 7D in an Aquatica housing with dual Sea & Sea YS-250 strobes. I would be interested in any Tips and Tricks from anyone who has done this dive. Manual or auto-focus? White or red focus lights? Lenses (60mm or 100mm)? Thanks in advance! Doug
  7. I just had four cancellations on a humpback whale trip to Silver Bank, Dominican Republic for March 23-30, 2013. Cost is $3100 per person (airfare not included). The trip is with Aquatic Adventures (www.aquaticadventures.com) who has been running these trips for 22 years. It is snorkeling only, no scuba, so anyone and everyone is invited. Please email me if you are interested or have any questions. Doug Ebersole dgebersole@gmail.com
  8. Great stuff, Ken. I especially liked the video. Sharks, mandarin fish, and mantas -- it's hard to beat Yap! Can't wait to go back. Doug
  9. Let me know the dates when you have them. Thanks! Doug
  10. FANTASTIC images and video Shawn. Congratulations!!!! I'd love to join you on one of these in the future! Doug
  11. She is actually in a "cut-out" in the coral which is where our dive guides positioned her. The guides at Yap Divers were very aware of the coral and positioned everyone in specific areas to try to limit damage to the area. This is a new cleaning station on Yap and everyone, especially a marine biologist in our group, was very concerned as we saw lots of Japanese tourists all over the coral head. There is a thought to put in permanent poles and to rope off the area in hopes of protecting the coral.
  12. Thanks, everyone. And thanks again, Mike, for your assistance in helping me plan the trip. Yes, we had "schooling" moorish idols, but not in the huge numbers as the surgeonfish. I got a couple of images of the moorish idols with sharks patrolling the wall in the background but they are "marginal" images at best. Doug
  13. Yap -- Of mantas and mandarin fish! And, finally, one for this year's Christmas card ............ Lots more images at www.debersole.com
  14. Carol and I just returned from a fabulous two week vacation to Palau and Yap -- a week on the luxury liveaboard Ocean Hunter III (www.oceanhunter.com) in Palau and then a week at Manta Ray Bay and Yap Divers (www.mantaray.com) in Yap. My business sponsored the trip so our group of 16 friends had the whole liveaboard to ourselves and two of our own boats in Yap. Truly a trip of a lifetime. Thanks go out to Tova and Navot Bornovski of Fish N Fins & Ocean Hunter and to Bill Ackers at Manta Ray Bay for such a great vacation. Thanks, also, to Mike Veitch who, a couple of years ago when I was setting this trip up, told me to schedule Yap around the full moon in Feb thru April for the best manta action. He nailed it!!! We had up to 7 mantas on the cleaning station at one time. And the new cleaning station they found is in only 15-20 feet of water so 75 min dives were common. Thanks, Mike. Here are a few photos: PALAU Jellyfish Lake Chandelier Cave
  15. WOW! Really nice shots! Thanks for posting them. Doug
  16. Eric: I've got one you can use. I just left a message on your cell. I'll also email you. Doug
  17. Here is a cute video for all of you "Canon vs. Nikon" people: Enjoy! Doug
  18. Awesome shots. I love diving there!
  19. Love the "liquid gold" image. Awesome work, Jeff!
  20. Thanks! I think I'll just have to redirect my domain name as well! Doug
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