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  1. Morning all, currently I's shooting Nikon D200 in sea and sea housing, have one strobe and have been happy with the results up to now. The strobe is also old school Sea and Sea YS90. I would like to go to two strobes what would you all suggest. Edit: Moved by TheRealDrew to Lights/Strobe Forum and added strobes to title.
  2. Kyle, I was about to buy one also, what do you know about the 12x24 timeframe? I'm ready now if it will fit my camera and housing. Where did you get this info as I believe Tokina has a 12X24 now? I heard yesterday that the 12x24 is a great lens. Marilyn
  3. Called Backscatter in Monterey Ca they recommend the NX Fisheye Dome Port with an SX Extension ring for the Tonika At-X 107 Dx Fisheye 10-17mm lens. Thinking I will go that way. Shooting Nikon D200 in SEA&SEA housing. Also recommended is the Nikon 12X24 but that is to expensive for me.
  4. OH! this is great subject. I'm want to expand my lens stock and want a wide angle or slightly fisheye type lens. Thought maybe the Tonika 11x16 and want some other suggestions. Shooting a D200 in a Sea and Sea housing with one strobe right now. I have loved my shots with 60 and 105 lenses and have added a 2X screw on the lens diopter. Now just want to be more artsy and do some more wide angle macro. Looks like your 10X17 is doing a good job. Any more hints? Marilyn
  5. Need to know what brand name 45 degree viewfinder you use Steve. Marilyn
  6. Great advice Steve. I hate to loose 10 to 15 dives with poor pictures. Every dive counts. Maybe I could get in the pool to practice. M
  7. Hi Ya'all, just returned from Anilao Philippines, shooting al macro one of our great photographers, Jeff de Guzman was there and he was using a 45 degree viewfinder and it would help me get down below the subject better if I were to use one BUT since it is pretty pricie I wonder what the general consensus is of this piece of equipment. Let me hear from you with a bit of a discussion. Wackydiver Marilyn
  8. Enjoyed you photos, also took a look at the gallery. Great stuff. So you used the wide angle on most of them right? I just love the effect. Guess I will have to polish off the ol' dome port and 14mm as we are off to Raja Ampat in January. Any more hints other that dive around Misool, for the trip. Marilyn
  9. Hi, its been such a long time since I posted but tuned in today and found this thread. I just returned from the Red Sea which is billed as wide angle shooting, Foooy! Only saw three sharks and two dolphins. What a bust, but I used my 60 mm and was perfectly happy. Only one occasion would I have needed the 105 which was safely tucked away at home. Do recommend when funds allow you, get the 60 mm it is my work horse. When in doubt use the 60 mm. M
  10. Great shots Linda, Tell us which wa lens you are using.
  11. Could we see some shots with the 12-24 Nikon or Sigma lens. It would cost nearly what "the monster" rig did to get into this lens and all the extras it takes. Would like to see results before I commit. :shock:
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