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  1. Well nobody replied, but I bought one anyway. The Sony Cybershot P100, using the Sony Housing, works very well underwater. This is a small BC pocketable device, with the option for a URPro color correction filters. The focus and shutter lag is very low, and the camera and housing as they stand will take absolutely beautiful nearfield (4' to 4")pictures, even using the on board strobe. As the field moves out to (4' to 20') in cold green Pacific waters, you need a strong strobe, or as I have done, adapt my video light bar. The camera does not have much exposure latitude, but with adequate lighting it takes a fine photo. The battery has more than sufficient power to run thru a days shooting and then some. With a 1GB memeory stick there is plenty of photo room. The movie mode is nearly useless unless you are in crystal clear well light waters, but then it does have some fun aspects, thou it cannot replace a good video cam. I especially enjoy the focus feedback as compared to the previous Cybershot cameras. This is a nice easy to use snapshot package, much better than the more bulky equivalents
  2. Will anybody admit to some experience with the Sony P100 in it's marine case? I have used the P9 and the P1, and find them convenient little cameras. They make real nice BC pocket cameras, and when you get a good picture they are outstanding. The P9 suffers from severe shutter lag, slow start up and a finicky auto focus. They both suffer under reduced lighting as mild as a rainy day. The images get noisey real fast as the natural light falls off.
  3. Have any of you guys checked out UnderSea Video Housings? I use two of his earlier models and they are like diving with the sun. He has higher output units now. Flourescent has the added value of penetration and illumination. A line source does not fall off in intensity as fast a point source, simple physics. That' why your average 100W light bulb can be beat out by a 35W tube. These lights run for 90 minutes and they don't get very hot. I have used them for ambient lighting on a night dive to dress and undress before and after the dive.
  4. I have the charter with Truth Aquatics again this year on the vessel the VISION For June 27 thru the June 29 2004. I have had some friends cancel out, I have six openings in the charter. This is a nearly at cost charter price of $406 each. Three days of live aboard diving at the Northern Channel Islands off of Santa Barbara CA. Weather permitting, we will dive San Miguel, Santa Rosa, Santa Cruz, and Anacapa islands. This charter includes: food, bunking, crewed, and Air. You need to bring all Dive gear plus one tank. rentals are available at Truth Aquatics but the prices are less if you bring your own. Check out www.TruthAquatics.com for their advice. Low key, good people, families, friends. Contact me at jlitzza@pacbell.net to get more info.
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