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  1. Hmmmm, I was lead to believe that the quality of the threaded ones were slightly better due to a larger rear lens opening.... /shrug
  2. Me and my wife both use an Atmos Elite, and love love it! I heard you can now get them where your computer can recieve info from 2 transmitters. i.e., not only can you check your own air, but you can see your buddies air supply on your computer. SLICK!
  3. Man, that's harsh... I had the Sea & Sea VX2100 with monitor back. It too was powered by 4 AA batteries. I'm not sure how long they last exactly. I was using recharables and they made it through 4 dives a day between recharges....
  4. I use the dual Dell 20" widescreen and they are great. Obviously they aren't AS great as the Eizo. But they absolutley are able to be calibrated and can show enough of the gamut to get the job done well. I find that I loose a very small amount of shadow detail, but the highlight range seems perfect.
  5. Thanks for all the info... I've been turned on to a housing I never knew existed, and it's quickly shot to the top of my list! Seatool HC1PRO/A1PRO Housing
  6. Ahhhhh, so that's what the deal is. I wish S&S would update their website.... Grrrrrrrr.... Oh, no doubt. I guess my biggest complaint is that it's bigger, and the low light is still not as good as I'd like it to be. Well, it's better, but I wouldn't go as far as to say 'much better'. I guess if you need all the manual controls it's a lot better, but I mostly don't bugger with the manual controls on video other than white balance and maybe the gain... Yeah, mostly tropical. Do you just use auto white balance and things come out looking good? I know with my VX2100 I could shoot with no lights and get fantastic results, but it was my understanding that manual WB did not work at depth with the HC1/A1U at all.... I wasn't even aware they had a top dawg for the HC1/A1U. I guess I don't need a lot of controls, since I'm probably going to trade this camera at some point. Wishful thinking for sure. All I want is an HDV camcorder no larger than the HC1, with Manual White Balance that works, and 3LUX. 3 CCD or CCMOS would be nice, but whatever.... I'm thinking at this point I may just need a cheapo housing just to get me through the next year or so before the new camera bug over takes me. Or maybe I need to just get back into Still Photography and house my D70 or D2x....
  7. Well, it's been almost a year and 1/2 since I picked up my Sony A1U. I tried to wait out the initial urge to pick up the first housing on the market so I could pick the one that was right for me, but after hearing all of the quirks other users were experiencing, one never stood out of the crowd. So after waiting and waiting, I decided maybe a new camcorder would hit that would make me jump, but the FX7 and HC7 don't seem to be any better than what I already have. So now I have another trip coming up in April and I'm dying to shoot some video. So as I see it, I can rent a L&M Package with lights and the whole nine yards for roughly $900 for a week. Assuming that this will be the one and only time this camcorder gets wet and Sony will finally bring me a HD camcorder the size of the HC3 with the features of the VX2100, and I'll purchase a housing for that. Or I've seen a used S&S Housing for $1,250. A used Seacam housing with HC1 included for $2k. I could go with the new Amphibico Dive Buddy that has a monitor back.... Anyone know of any better options I'm missing? Should I just go ahead and house this camera cheapest way possible, house this camera with the intention of keeping it (i.e. a better housing), or just bite the bullet and rent and wait for the 'next big thing'..... Any suggestions welcome, or if anyone has seen some used gear for sale they could point me to, that would be great.
  8. Well, really the only difference is that it's "auto". Most of the other models you can manually lower the shutter speed to 1/30th. I can kinda see it being useful, but a lot will depend on how it's implemented. I'm guessing it will go full open apeture, max gain, and then resort to lowering the shutter speed. And I'm also guessing that this will be a feature that can be turned on and off.... If it was 2 lux @ 1/60th, this would have been the camera I've been so deperatley craving.... I love me some HD, but dang it if I don't miss the 1 lux glory of my VX2100....
  9. Apparently the 2 LUX is some clever wording by Sony. All previous cameras were rated at 1/60 shutter speed, where as the new crops use 1/30th shutter speed for the new ratings.... http://news.sel.sony.com/en/press_room/con...ease/27067.html
  10. Yep, it's probably the buttons. This used to happen on my Ikelite setup all the time. It took me FOREVER to figure out what the problem was, and it would frustrate me to no end. Forget the fact that I was coming back with crappy shots, my entire dives were ruined trying to repair my housing while floating along.
  11. Steve, Here is a direct link that may work for you. http://www.redreefscuba.com/albums/misc/cozumel.wmv
  12. Thanks! Scuba shots are fun, but off season studio shoots are fun as well. http://www.redreefscuba.com/forum/model/
  13. You aren't talking about the nekkid pictures of my daughter are you!
  14. My music is bought and paid for. So I have no remorse in using it how I see fit. I feel the same way about my software. If I want to install it on 35 of my PCs, then I will. Is it legal? No. Is speeding legal? No. I guess I'm just a rebel.
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