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  1. mikedive.de is selling these for C120 = $170 + shipping... Reef is selling these for $180 each Stephen Frink is selling US made cables for $217 and Seacam cables for $407 each
  2. I have 2 Subal SubStrobe housings for the Canon 550ex "top-side" strobes. They are equipped with S6 connectors. Housings are in good condition -- minor scratches here and there from approx 25-30 dives. Never leaked or flooded. Will sell single housing for $400 or both together for $700. Note -- Canon 550ex flashes NOT included in this price. Housings include Ultralight ball joints (no arms or clamps included). I am selling these because I can't get them to work in 2-strobe TTL. They work GREAT in single-strobe configurations, also in two-strobe manual configurations -- but TTL with two strobes simply wasn't happening for me. S6-to-S6 cables are also available for $100 (I prefer to sell these with the SubStrobe housings). If you want it all, I will sell the entire bundle for $1000: - 2x Subal SubStrobe housings (for Canon 550ex) - 1x Canon 550ex (I can only sell one at this time) - 2 S6-to-S6 sync cables
  3. FYI -- someone suggested mikedive.de for these... Here is a link: http://www.mikedive.de/shop/Produktgruppen...ea/INON/S6.html But these are downright pricey... Was also hoping for a US source...
  4. Anyone happen to be selling a couple of Subal (S6) to Inon sync cables?? I can't seem to find a place to buy them at a reasonable price...
  5. Hi -- Is the Subal cable for S6 or Nikonos?? I'll take it at $400 if the Subal cables are S6 and you include the cable...
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