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  1. These strobes have sold. Thanks to all for your interest.
  2. I have two Inon Z-240 strobes in perfect working condition. These strobes have been 100% reliable for me and are Type 2, thus they do not require Eneloop batteries (any NiMH batteries will work fine). Cosmetically, there are minor scuffs from normal use, which do not affect functionality. They have never been flooded. Included are the original manuals, diffusers, spotting light covers and Inon ball adapters. $250 each + shipping
  3. Price lowered: - Housing $2300 - Housing and camera body $3700 Clarification on shipping: Shipping in the US is included. Shipping outside the US covered by buyer.
  4. I have a Nauticam NA-D800 housing for sale. Included is the housing, pickup finder, handle brackets and handle ball adapters, original box, manual, tools, o-ring and lubricant. Lightly used, works perfectly and in excellent condition. $2500 includes shipping to the US only. Also available is a D800 body in mint condition, only 4882 shutter actuations. I will post photos later. $1600 includes shipping to the US only. Or, $3900 for both housing and camera.
  5. Reducing the asking price to $339, not including shipping.
  6. Reducing the asking price to $275 for both. $145 for just the magnifier, $135 for just the adapter. Prices do not include shipping/insurance.
  7. Hi, yes I would sell the magnifier separately for $155 plus shipping/ins. The adapter alone would be $145 plus s/i.
  8. Lightly used and in excellent condition, this is a Light and Motion SOLA 600 spotting/focusing light with the red mode for shy critters. Works perfectly. Included is the original box, manual, charger, accessories and case. $379 plus shipping
  9. This is a barely used Subsee +5 wet diopter and UW magnifier, along with a port adapter for the Subal non-VR FC-FP105 port, purchased directly from Reefnet in November 2009. Excellent condition. Included is a shim to use the port adapter with a Subsee without locking rings. $300, not including shipping.
  10. Lower the price one more time for this like new camera body - $1250.
  11. Price reduced to $1300 not including shipping.
  12. Canon 7D camera body for sale. Very lightly used. A hardly noticeable rub mark on the top info LCD (does not affect its functionality), but otherwise like new. $1350 not including shipping.
  13. For California, I will include the shipping and insurance. Linda
  14. I bought this lens as a backup lens, and then did not have to use it. It is brand new, in box, purchased in September, never used. $539 plus shipping.
  15. Congratulations! Bali and R4 should make for a wonderful honeymoon! It's too bad we won't be on the same trip with you. We'll be in Lembeh as you sail away on the Ondina. Have a great time with your new bride. I waffled for a long time about MobileMe, since I also host my galleries and website elsewhere. I've tried to set up my own syncing stuff for Omnifocus from my website using webdav, but have not managed to get the config to work yet. So I started using MobileMe as a stopgap in the meantime, but it is spendy if you only use a subset of the features. If you are only syncing calendar, contacts, etc, there are alternatives. Syncing can be tricky to do right (and discouraging when it goes wrong), so I try to keep it simple. For documents, files, etc, I just use dropbox rather than idisk. Linda
  16. Hi Mike, I use it as a convenient method for syncing data (contacts, calendar, Omnifocus, etc) between my computers and iphone, though there are other ways to do this. I also like the idea of the "Find my iPhone", though I hope I'll never have to use it. Some of this only became more compelling when I got an iPhone. However, don't get caught up in thinking that buying it with the machine is the only way to save $30. Amazon has it regularly for about $30 off (price fluctuates almost daily), and you can just enter the code you get to your (trial or current) mobileme subscription to extend your membership by a year. This means you can decide later, and can also use this method for renewals. I'm about to pull the plug on a new mac too. Currently obsessing over anti-glare versus glossy... Are you still doing Komodo this summer? We are on the mid-November trip. Linda
  17. I love how I can clone drives using Super Duper or Carbon Copy Cloner on a Mac. Makes upgrading drives a snap. Has also saved my butt when I had a disk start failing, because I had a complete clone backup ready to boot from. I wish there was as nice a backup solution for my Linux machines.. Linda
  18. Trying to avoid buying yet more optical cables and use what I have (several Inon Optical D cables). I would like to find an adapter that would allow me to use my D cables with a Nauticam housing. Is there anything like that out there? Or something I can install on the housing side to let me use the D cables directly (like those bushing plugs that can be used for Sea&Sea)? Thanks!
  19. I have an Inon 45 degree viewfinder for Sea&Sea housings. Excellent condition, lightly used. $575
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