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  1. Dear Divers out there! I am planning a trip to Lombok and will be diving with Blue Marlin dive centre. Anyone can give me an idea on when is their Monsoon Season (if any) and what are we expected to see there (so i may prepare on camera setup). I prefer muck diving and doing macro shots, any good dive sites to recommend? I will be staying at Holiday Resort Lombok. Please provide me with some valuable advise.
  2. Selling BRAND NEW OMS® pure Titanium knife Product Description: The OMS® pure Titanium knife has a high visibility, easy to grip orange handle (4" long), incorporates a sharp 3.25" serrated and standard cutting blade, requires absolutely no corrosion maintenance, is very light weight and non magnetic. The slots located in the high impact plastic sheath can be utilized for mounting on webbing. This knife is the ideal solution for Special Ops where a non-magnetic cutting tool is mandatory. Image: http://www.omsdive.com/cuttool.html Bought at SGD$100, selling off at SGD$70 (100% Guarantee new) ~Buyer pays for shipping cost. Reason for selling:Do not required any use of the knife. Contact Roy at msn/email: royhuang08@live.com
  3. Thanks for the help!! Will see if it fits into the housing.
  4. External strobe is DEFINITELY worth it. I am using a G9 and the color you get with external strobe is different. Your pictures turn out much much better. I am using a single Inon Z240, using it mainly for macro stuff. My advise is to get 1 strobe and familiar yourself with it first, follow by 2 strobes at a later part. A sudden jump to the DSLR will put you into confusion, with addition to 2 strobes directly, and DSLR setup is much much costly than the point and shoot setup.
  5. For those who are using Aluminum Housing, like those of Patima, does it get any scratches when you sometimes knock into hard corals during a macro shoot? I understand that as much as we can, we should not destroy corals but sometimes accident do happen. Please kindly advise.
  6. I would like to also compliment another First Class Seller A+++++, Eyematey/Steve I bought a new Patima G9 Housing from him. Though he is not the direct dealer, the housing is REALLY NEW. Some people might use the gear for some time before selling off their item as "new", but Steve is really a highly reliable seller. Very prompt reply through email. Highly responsible: He mentioned that he will be away for a short trip so you wont be waiting and wondered why there is no news. Item is very well packed and brand new. MINT Condition. He also has his Ebay account under the name "Slafter" - 100% Positive Feedback. Highly Recommended Seller!!
  7. Transaction made. Very smooth transaction. Eyematey is an EXCELLENT SELLER.. A+++++!!
  8. Hi to all, May I ask if there is anything known as the flood alarm which will sound off should there be any leak into the housing. Is there any particular product for the Patima G9 Housing? Please kindly advise and many thanks! Saint
  9. Yes i am very keen. PMed you my details. Do contact me asap.
  10. Very nice pics indeed...well taken..doesnt seems to be like your first dive with new rig Anyway wat housing were you using previously with your G9. I am infact looking for a G9 Patima housing. Do kindly look me up if you are using a Patima housing. Email: royhuang08@live.com
  11. Hi all, I am a very sincere buyer looking for a Patima G9 Housing. Anyone knows where to get it or is intending to upgrade and sell away your Patima Housing? Please contact me via msn/email: royhuang08@live.com I am willing to pay a premium price for housing that is in good condition. ** If you know of any friend who is keen to sell the housing, do refer to me. Thanks alot!
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