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  1. I've got lights but might be interested in the camera and housing. What would you take for them without the lights? Cheers, Joe
  2. Wanted, light and motion housing for canon g10, g20
  3. I am interested in the housing if it is still available. Has it ever been flooded? you can email me direct at joerob123@gmail.com
  4. How hard is it to add it to the housing? does it just slide it and lock with a c ring like the regular viewfinder or is it something that Ryan needs to do in his shop?
  5. Would you be interested in selling the remote control external monitor seperately?? joerobi@swbell.net
  6. I have already purchased a double cabin on the Galapagos Agressor and the flights from Ecuador to the Galapagos Aggressor beginning Aug 2. Unfortunately, I have had something come up and my wife and I will not be able to make it. I am willing to sell this package for 75% of the normal price. If interested please drop me an email at joerobi@swbell.net Thanks, Joe
  7. I am back from two trips with the new camera setup = the first trip was to Cozumel and was really a shake out trip - especially given the currents on this particular trip. Macro was useless but I did manage to get quite a few good wide angle shots with the 15mm fisheye. The second trip was to Roatan and I am sure because of the first trip I faired much better. I love the setup - even though it is significantly more complicated than my old 4040 - the photos are awesome. I hope to download some in the next week or so but just wanted to thank everyone for the tips and report in. The 100mm macro was great although I discovered what I had learned on a photo workshop on the agressor last year about macro lenses is true. I had to be stationary - even trying to be buyount hanging out over a subject in no current resulted in perceptible lens movement. When I was able to anchor myself to the sand around my subject - the results were much, much better. Just love the camera and the Ikelite setup. Headed to Turks and Caicos in July for a photo workshop on the Agressor and can't wait.
  8. I am trying to figure out the best way to have the copyright info displayed on the lower part of my photos. I have Photoshop CS but can't figure out how to do this in Photoshop. Or is it an embedded file in the photo? Any help would be appreciated.
  9. Thanks for all the input. I will have time to test it in the pool and know from my previous setup how much that helped. I appreciate the info and will try the macro first and then the wide angle. From what I can interpret I would do well to concentrate on those two and leave the 28-75mm out altogether. I'll let everyone know how it goes on my return.
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