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  1. I can't capture video from my sony camcorder and trnsfer it to adobe premiere. I had someone who does special effects for a living and after two hours we just used movie maker. Can anyone help to take me through the process. I believe special drivers are needed for sony dv camcorders when using premiere. cheers Jamie
  2. hello again, upon seeing the replies i realized i never explained my decision process. I've had a L&M tetra housing for a couple of years and a few hundred dives. That is my baby. Nothing but great things to say about L&M housings. This came down to the fact that after speaking with both companies, amphibico essentially offered me a deal i could not refuse. Sometimes it pays to speak with the company directly. cheers, Jamie
  3. After much research and many phone calls-amphibico won hands down.
  4. Hello everyone, I'm about to buy a sony pc-350. I could any information or experiences with the following housings: Light & Motion Mako; amphibico prowler; gates housing for pc 350. Any info would be great-especially about the differences between them. cheers, Jamie
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