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  1. Michael, I have a two year old D70 for sale for $300. I up-graded to the D300 and have another D70 for that housing. DParsells
  2. As I remember, Underwater Photo-Tec used to sell just the item you are asking about.
  3. Having read the question on the Sigma 28-70 lens, I was wondering if anyone has tryed the Sigma 28-105 lens underwater with any results? I am looking for an all around "seek" lens for unexplored dive sites.
  4. I just purchased a Wet Mate Lens from BackScatter and was surprised to find it came with no instructions on its use or tips for successful photographs. It did not even come with an allan wrench to tighten it onto the port. Does anyone have any experience with this lens that could afford me any tips as I am going to Fiji in several weeks and would like to use the lens with some degree of confidence.
  5. I am about ready to purchase a nikon 105mm lens. My question is should I buy an Auto Focus model or a Manual Focus model? I have read pro's and con's for each.
  6. Yes, I had the lens and camera in my pool most of the day taking test shots and I had no trouble what so ever. D. Parsells
  7. I made a trip up to B&H Photo in NYC the other day to see the Tokina V. Nikon 12-24 lens in person. There is a 1/10 inch difference in the length of the Tokina but other than the $500 price difference there is no difference. The Aquatica zoom gear fits like a glove and the lens is no problem to fit in the housing with the 8" dome port. Hope this was helpful.
  8. When I attempted to purchase an Aquatica Housing for my D70 camera the dealer advised me that he no longer sold Aquatica Housings due to poor product quality control. He advised me that the Sea and Sea housing was a much better choise. My question is, has anyone had any problems with the housing or it's manufature? D. Parsells
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