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  1. Hi Steen, The CMC is primarily aimed at lenses like the fixed zoom lens on the larger sensor compacts, like the Sony RX100 series. It will also work well with the 60mm and 45mm macro lenses in the m4/3 world. The SMC is designed for a lens like the Nikon 105mm VR or Canon 100mm macro on an APS-C or FF SLR. In general, closeup lenses are not useful on lenses like Nikon 60mm because you are already so close to the subject that you can't get much closer. It just so happens that in this case that you can get a little extra magnification with the CMC + Nikon 60mm, about 1.5:1 at 10mm working distance. Yes, 10mm.... that's pretty close. If the 60mm was your only lens, then I might say this is useful, but in my opinion, you are better off with the SMC on the 105mm. For Canon APS-C shooters, the situation is a little different. In this case, the SMC is useful on both the Canon 100mm and the Canon EF-S 60mm macro lenses, but the CMC does not work with the EF-S 60mm macro. Hope that helps, Cheers, Cp
  2. Hi Moses, You can also bring the handles a little closer to the housing... there is some room for adjustment there. Cheers, Chris
  3. Hi Joe, When you put the camera on the tray, make sure the two prongs sit correctly on the switch. You should be able to rotate it using the little dial on the tray and hear it click on both sides. Generally, if you do that, it works fine once in the housing. If not, we will get it fixed for you asap. Drop us an email at innovation@nauticamusa.com and we can get it scheduled for you. Make sure to note your trip date so our service manager can make it happen. Regards, Chris P.S. I do agree with Eric though, thumb focus is great. If I was a Nikon shooter, I would glue that button on the front down and locked into the autofocus position, as I always seem to forget it is there when I pick up a Nikon.
  4. Hi HFM, Have you tried running with Auto FP turned off? Since D800 sync speed is rated at 1/250 anyway, it won't hurt to turn Auto FP off, and might help. I think as a general rule, Auto FP could pose problems for a strobe. Now, it's possible that the camera flash doesn't actually use FP flash (i.e. many smaller pulses) when shooting at 1/250, so this might be a mute point, but if it is actually doing a HSS flash, then it is likely this is the problem you are seeing. I don't see anything on Sea&Sea's website that the YS-D1 supports Auto FP, and even if it did, could still be the problem. I think it quite possible that the strobe is able to keep up for some of the pulses, but could miss on some of them, with the result being a dark band of the shot as you describe. And it would by nature be sporadic, depending on how much the light the TTL decides to throw, battery condition, etc. I tried doing a little googling about the Auto FP on the D800's popup flash, but much of what is talked about relates to external flashes, and not the popup itself. I don't have a D800 here I can test with but I'd be interested to hear if this is the issue here. Regards, Chris
  5. If you want to know what the actual difference in port length is, you can do the math: macro port 87: 87mm macro port 60 + 30mm extension: 60mm + 30mm = 90mm So 3mm total difference. Regards, Chris
  6. HI Moses, No worries. Though, we will have lots of demo gear down there, including GH4. Just saying' Let me know when you move down here, we can go for a bridge dive. Cheers, Chris
  7. Hi Moses, Thank you sir, you are very kind. Are you coming to Focus Underwater? Hope to see you then. Cheers, Chris
  8. I recall the water being a little chilly, but wasn't it wicked cold topside too?
  9. The press release for GH4 housing is now online at www.nauticamusa.com Cheers, Chris
  10. I'm going to borrow the 16-35 f/4 from Ryan next week for shooting whalesharks. I have an f/2.8 which I just got last year. I might have waited had I know this lens was coming. Oh well, I like the f/2.8. Björn, I think the 8-15mm is a great lens on FF, but yes, you do have to kind of think of it as a 15mm FF fisheye, with the occasional 8mm circular fisheye shot. Very good for CFWA; some people like to use a 1.4x teleconverter for CFWA with it. I'll try to post a couple of pics next week with 16-35 f/4. Cheers, Cp P.S. m1mm1m... nice avatar! I recognize that shot
  11. We're working on a press release now, so sooner rather than later, but I don't have a firm date just yet.. As you can see from some of the leaked pics, the main differences are built in handles (like as in the NA-EM1), the new port lock style, and the vacuum electronics standard. Look for the press release to hit next week... (there's a US holiday tomorrow, so no sense releasing when a big portion of our audience will be eating hot dogs and drinking cold beer... Cheers, Chris
  12. Yes. Yes, M16 can be used for HDMI [edit: among other things]. I did run the GH4 with the DP4 monitor and it worked well. Shogun isn't even slated to ship until "end of Q3 beginning Q4 2014". So having a housing "soon" doesn't seem too likely Cheers, Cp
  13. Sorry, only snapped a couple of iPhone pics at the hotel, teaser sort of shots, nothing showing substantial detail. We'll be working on a press release for this soon, complete with lots of photos. I'm going to take it to the Digital Shootout so hopefully can post some more video/stills from it next week, and maybe some photos of it being used. Cheers, Chris
  14. Hi All, We showed the prototype NA-GH4 housing at the Cine Gear Expo in Hollywood yesterday. I'll have it at the Scuba Show in Long Beach today for my presentation. If you are in the area and want to check it out, the presentation is at 2pm at the Seaside 5-A room, and I should be around either before or after, showing it to each of the 5 Nauticam dealers at the show. Hope to see you there. Chris
  15. Nope, just used scotch tape. Didn't use magic filters... I used a combination of some old school wratten filters. Sometimes people do this sort of testing and it becomes gospel on the internet. And sometimes they are right and sometimes wrong. There are lots of examples of where someone said something on the net and people just run with it. Internet crowd-think. Or non-think. I bump into people who shoot Canon at ISO 160 or 320 thinking that is the "native ISO" because of a test that someone posted a couple years showing sensor noise with with the lens cap on. I used to try to explain how that test is wrong and what they are actually doing is needlessly cutting their dynamic range by 1/3 stop. I've generally given up on that and just kind of nod my head. Next time I want to shoot with my lens cap on, though, it'll be at ISO 160... No more to share today, but I need to finish my video from Anilao that I shot with 1DC. Probably won't be this week as we have both the Cine Gear show and the Long Beach Scuba show this weekend. Cheers, Cp
  16. Both 8mm and 7-14. Proved? How can someone "prove" that? Maybe one person's opinion. But optical flow and the like (twixtor) generate false data, i.e. they make up data they don't have. They do a nice job, sometimes, and I used optical flow in a few of the clips in this video. I thought the 96p VFR was really good; 60p VFR is possible a little better but I personally would rather go shoot that measure pixels like that. Cheers, Chris It records at 96fps but plays back at 24 or 30, for a 400% or 320% slowdown. It even plays it back like this on the LCD, so you get the slow motion when you review it. Cheers, Cp Edit: Interesting how the forum merges two replies like that, even though I entered them separately.
  17. HI Peter, Sorry, I didn't weigh it. And I carried two complete kits (GH4 and 70D) which were inter-mingled, so not sure about the fitting into a backpack. But I carried almost all of the two rigs in a roller and a backpack. Roller of course got gate checked on the little puddle jumper to Cat Island. Cheers, Chris
  18. Thanks. The Keldan LUNA 8 lights have an interchangeable head; several heads are available including the two I used here: CRI - high color rendition index (light "quality") Cyan - high color temperature (for use with filters) Cheers, Cp
  19. Mostly the palm of my hand, but the shark belly works too. The hand is nice because it has a little bit of yellow and magenta in it such that the WB doesn't go too far. I am trying to come up with a good white balance card that would be good for different depths; I made one up last year and it worked well for some depths but not all. Shooting at 96fps mean the shutter speed should be about 1/200, and I also wanted to be able to shoot at f/8 or f/11 to make focus easier. For a static subject, not to important, but you can't exactly place the sharks where you want them. Cheers, Cp
  20. Manual white balance, ISO usually 800, sometimes 400 iirc, occasional 1600 for cloudy and deeper. I was using Keldan lights... first day I was using the CRI heads, but switched over to the cyan heads plus filter to get the balanced look you mention. I found the manual white balance relatively easy to do and the camera gives you a clear answer as to what is wrong if it won't take the WB, i.e. "the scene is too bright...". I saw drawings of the GH4 housing yesterday. And that's all I can say about that Cheers, Chris
  21. Sometime I added a 4th one at the end of the rig there (hence that 1" ball). I could move it up and down and it helped with fore/aft trim.
  22. 250mm. I'm finding them at my local Nauticam dealer While I cannot give any opinion on them (forum rules), I can tell you that with this rig, they were just shy of adding enough buoyancy. I think a lighter tripod base (instead of the large kessler) might make enough of a difference to get it very close to neutral, or could try difference sized arms. Cheers, Cp
  23. Hi all, Here's a 2 and a half minute video from the Panasonic GH4 in Cat Island last week: I also wanted to show this shoulder/stability rig that Ryan made up for me as I was leaving for the airport. It made the whole thing a bit larger and more awkward on land, but underwater it was terrific. I would typically move the monitor higher when I shot, but it was nice to be able to move around as needed for the sun angle. Cp
  24. I don't have news on that just yet. It is being worked on, and I think if it is possible, we'll do it. Regards, Cp
  25. Yes, officially announced, yesterday.... here's the announcement details: http://www.nauticamusa.com/news/2014/5/6/housing-for-olympus-om-d-e-m10 Cheers, Cp
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