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  1. Hi all, I bought a 5DII in an Aquatica housing about 2 years ago, with a 14mm lens and 8" dome. Mostly a cave diver, the 14mm has been the best lens ever for tunnels big and small (see http://www.flickr.com/photos/errbrr/544396...57626045667280/ for an example of what I'm used to!) However, I'm planning a trip to Layang Layang in July, and 14mm is not going to help me if something skittish swims out of the blue...and so, I'm looking for a longer lens. The caveat is that I have no interest in photos of tiny things (though great respect for those who do) - I'd like to better capture turtles, larger/pelagic fish, sharks and rays without having to be within a 50cm of them. I've been looking at the reviews on the Canon 50mm varieties. Is this likely to do what I want? Is it worth shelling out for the L series? Alternatively, can I take my existing 24-105mm kit lens underwater? I have heard of focal distance and focussing problems. Will the 8" dome port work for these photos, or would I get better results with something smaller? Any thoughts or advice much appreciated. Liz
  2. Hey Chriso, I have a couple of home made in the 80s remote sensors with wet connectors for old school Ikelite substrobes, and while the sensors are great, the strobes are starting to be unreliable. I did some research before the Nullarbor trip and a lot of people were complaining about the Heinrichs Weikamp RSUs when shooting with high levels of ambient light. I decided to invest anyway... True to form, they were hard to test topside. In the caves however, I had no problems at all using them on both the Inon Z240s and the old school Ikelite substrobes. On a few dives, the Inons would go off multiple times from one master flash, but this didn't seem to cause any problems. Using a sync cable means you can tape them either to your diver (D ring, torch hand, etc) or to the back of the strobe - sensor points towards camera, strobe points away. I also find that in the brighter caves (white walls, small tunnels) beyond a certain amount of light you get enough bounce to set everything off, even using the built in sensors. I have yet to try the sensors in the ocean, but will hopefully have a go inside some wrecks this summer. Using the Z240s off camera was great for the models - they're so small and easy to work with. When I'm feeling rich enough I'll get a couple more and be able to ditch the substrobes... Cheers, Liz
  3. Hi guys, Thanks for the advice! I think Giles is most likely telling me what I wanted to hear but what my bank account was afraid of. By all accounts the 5DMkII is a beautiful camera, and I seem to be (rationally or otherwise) determined to own it. I'm 4 days through my self-imposed week of consideration before splashing out, so we'll see how I feel on Monday. Regarding why not a 7D, partly because they're not currently available, and mostly because they cost a lot. If I'm going to spend the cash above the 500D level, I'd like to go all the way up to full frame. This is an academic argument for me at the moment because I don't know if I'll appreciate the full frame difference....but it sounds convincing! And being able to get top quality lenses is certainly an incentive, as is the high ISO advantage. Speaking of lenses, why go for the 17-40 over the 14mm? To disclose further, a photographer I respect has advised me that he took all his publishable shots with a Nikonos V and Nikonos 15mm lens, and while he bought other lenses, barely used them. I'm hoping that a 14mm will help me out in the caves, and the huge megapixel count and full frame will mean I can crop ocean photos down to the fish I was looking at. 14mm will mean having to get REALLY close to my subject, but isn't this true of taking any underwater shots? Am I missing another drawback?
  4. Hi guys, I've been using a housed point and shoot for about six months now, and I'm getting extremely frustrated by the pictures I can't take. Having recently moved out of studentville and into the real world of pay cheques, I'm looking at getting a dSLR setup. My main question is: given that any dSLR is going to be better than the point and shoot, how long will it take for me to feel restricted by a cheaper setup? Here's what I'm comparing (prices in $US to make life easier) 500D plus 10-22 lens plus Ikelite housing Camera body $720 10-22 lens $790 Ikelite housing $1330 8" dome port $380 Port body $140 2 x Inon Z-240 type 3 strobes $1500 Sync cables $? Total cost $4900+ 5DMkII plus 14mm lens plus Aquatica housing Camera body $2700 14mm lens $2100 Aquatica housing $2900 8"dome port $440 Extension ring $210 2 x Inon Z-240 type 3 strobes $1500 Sync cables $? Total cost $9800+ Some more about the diving and pictures I want to take: - I do a lot of cave diving (and a bit of caving). I'm worried that an ikelite housing may not live up to being bumped across rocks. - I have no interest whatsoever in nudibranchs, and can't see myself taking macro shots. - I am new to the dSLR gig, but I intend to learn quickly. - I do about 100 dives a year, both locally and on trips, but mostly in temperate waters. - I'd prefer to go new rather than second hand for the Live View and the HD video, both of which I want. My concern is that upgrading cameras means upgrading housings, and that gets expensive fast. I feel like I'd like to go with the 5DMkII now, and have it be my underwater set up for the next 8 years, rather than go with the 500D and be frustrated with it after two years. I'm attracted to the idea of full frame, but maybe I'm being overly optimistic that I'm going to notice any difference, given my current skill level (none). The question is, is this attraction worth the extra dough (and the extra 6-8 months it will take me to buy the whole system)?? Your thoughts on my thoughts would be much appreciated - I just want to make the right decision! Yet more questions, if you have time and patience... - I don't fully understand the camera hotshoe to housing to strobe connection - what cable do I need? Have I missed a good article on this somewhere? - Should I get the ikelite housing for the 5D at half the price, or is this false economy? - Will I notice the difference between full frame and cropped frame photo quality? - Does anyone use a 14mm lens a lot underwater? Am I going to find this particularly difficult, or not suited to temperate water ocean shots (vis usually 5-15m)? - Does anyone know somewhere cheap to buy any/all of the above?? All help much appreciated!
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