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  1. Thanks all, Mauricio, your picts are fantastic. Sure gonna try it without a flash in the shallower parts!!
  2. I want to use my cp5000 (ikelite housing) without flash next week to get some backscatter-free shark images. Depth weill be around 5 meter. Anybody tried this? Should I use automatic exposure? What setting for white balance works best?
  3. been theren in sept couple of yrs ago. circumstances were perfect. best to stay on mabul, first one/2 dives per day on sipadan, last dives on mabul. if you stay on sipadan they don't dive mabul most of the times. some pictures from my trip at http://www.dirtydivers.net/content/ddfoto/...1999%20maleisie
  4. Thanks all, ordered the 125 mainly because it's aiming light is very good usable in our cold, dark and murky waters. Have such a light on my ss-200 and would not want to do without it. Airport security has never been a problem except for some home build lights and chargers :-)
  5. Hi, Think I'll have to buy a new strobe from ike since UPS lost track of mine when send in for repair. Hesitating between ds-125 and ds-50. Any comments on when which of the 2 is most usable? Apart from the difference in price of course..... kind regards Edwin van Riel.
  6. Not if i use max aperture and a high shutterspeed (1/500 or faster). Speed is adjusted to the vis in the water. When it's (a bit more) visibilty I use a higher speed.
  7. been in the water yesterday. shutterlag was still present, but better then it was. I suppose biggest part is caused by the af. using fixed wb settings (mostly flash), only macro (vis is about 1-2 m here at the moment) and a big light (50 watt halogen) for focusisng. Tried to find a difference between manual and apert.prio mode, but in my case not noticable. shutterlag difference seems to be less big in the water than on land which makes me think the amount of available liught for focussing is the key at the moment.
  8. Could be the screen partially, but the digicams create much more heat than conventional camera's. Was a week in spain this summer and even without the camera (and lcd) switched on it was fogged as soon as we entered the water. Didn't have the silica with me :-((
  9. ??? you put the silica in the bag, but not in the cam's housing and this works??? you lost me....
  10. If you want to put the housing in first, do it on a piece of rope with a weight on the end. Check for flooding in a rinse tank first. Big advantage is nothing can happen to your camera when everybody's moving his gear around on the boat. disadv: if it floods, you won't know in time.
  11. just installed it. tested in the room. almost NO SHUTTERLAG (compared to firmware 1.6 that is) and flash shut off works. try in the water sunday.
  12. yep, you can also throw it from the boat when preparing for the dive, but it takes some courage.
  13. have had this problem after switching to digital (and never before). problem was solved by putting a little pocket with silica-gel in the housing.
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