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  1. Hi On my last trip to the Red Sea I managed to put a large scratch in my INON UFL165AD Any advice as to how best to remove it will be greatly appreciated. My local INON "pusher" wants 330 Euros to repair it which I find quite steep. /DryDuck
  2. I would say the pure B&W version, but only because I find that a B&W picture adds more "old times" atmosphere to wreck photos - especially photos taken using natural light only. Picture #2 and #3 do have some nice qualities though. If you are shooting RAW you might try manipulating how the color channels are blended together, I find that it sometimes reduces the burnout that will occur when using natural lighting only. It might also bring out some of the more subtle details hiding in the shadows. I must say that I'm tempted to make Canada and the Great Lakes my next holiday destination :-) I do love a good old wreck with lots of details. DryDuck!
  3. We have a winner but can you explain the physics behind it's shape? because that's what I find most intriguing. DryDuck!
  4. Right on the first, wrong on the other two, sorry DryDuck!
  5. My best, or should I say most interesting, picture from 2010 has to be this: Points to anyone who can tell what it is and explain how it is formed. DryDuck!
  6. There are CHDK versions available for both the 1.00E and 1.01B firmware versions of the IXUS 980. I use it with great results on my IXUS (firmware 1.01B) specially when making long exposure all natural light wreck photos. DryDuck!
  7. Ones worst critic is always one self Have you compared the loss in jacketed vs. unjacketed fiber. You should try the CHDK firmware it gives you a whole new level of control over your IXUS 980 among other things it lets you shoot in RAW Dryduck!
  8. Nice project, and very nice pictures. What kind of optical fiber do you use? diameter, coated or uncoated? I have been thinking about making a snoot for my Inon Z240 flash, and I must admit that your solution is brilliant. Any closeups of your "fibersnoot" will greatly help in me in constructing my own fibersnoot. DryDuck!
  9. Hi RedSeaDiver I would recommend a IXUS890, thats what I have and I have been very happy with. Stacking my two INON UCL165 AD lenses gives me a kick a** macro, thou the DOF is very limited You can see some of my pictures here http://www.frogkick.dk/gallery/ The IXUS980 can use the CHDK firmware if she wants to use RAW. Yours DryDuck!
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