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  1. Nice to see, that the housing is ready. By the way where can I find some information about the above mentioned dome port? If I have a dome port can I use the zoom? I know that the motor works but what is with image quality? As I heard a dome port works only with one special zoom position. How much does it costs? Thanks!
  2. Hello, I want to buy an Olympus 8080 housing. I know there are 2 on the shop lists, but I don't know when can I realy buy them. Olympus says middle of june and Ikelite says end of may. I have a trip to Bali from 5. July but if the housing will be not accessible I don't buy a camera too. Is here anybody how knows better information? Is it possible to attach a DS-125 strobe to Olympus PT-23 housing with a sync cord? Which housing is better Oly or Ike? (Maybe some experience with 5050/5060 series housings)? Thanks!
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