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  1. Due some ankle injuries, I can't dive as often as before and prefer to travel light now. Therefore selling my underwater camera set as follows Sea & Sea MDX-7D pristine condition x 1 Sea & Sea YS-110A x 2 Sea & Sea Compact Dome with extension for Tokina 10-17FE Sea & Sea Macro base Sea & Sea macro port M for EF 100 mm Macro IS L Sea & Sea macro port S for EF-S 60 mm Macro Sea & Sea optical cables x 3 Light & Motion Sola Photo 600 with S&S clamp and adapter 1' ULCS Arm x 4 (2 units with jumbo stix float) Adapters and clamps (mix between sea gadget and ULCS) Canon EOS 7D in very good condition about 1k shutter count (only used for underwater photo) Canon EOS EF 100 mm Macro IS L Canon EF-S 60 mm Macro Tokina 10-17FE with S&S zoom gear Hardig Storm Water Proof case 5700 Think tank Airport Acceleration V2.0 Set of spare O-Rings All items related to this setup will be given (manual, grease, special tools, etc) All items are personal amateur use so most of the items are in very good condition.Items location is in Singapore and prefer COD deal. Looking for USD 6,000.00 Overseas shipment can be discussed and payment strictly by paypal and buyer pay shipping cost using DHL/UPS/FEDEX contact me at thedidavid@yahoo.com.au
  2. Clear background do pleasing to the eyes. I just feel that majority photo in scuba mags now with black background it start getting annoying for me. Sometime in my opinion if photo too perfect means too much processing done, sometime I missed the film era where good photo is not determined by how much post processing done. Tdpriest, nice photo. I love the goby macro shoot.....
  3. I saw mostly all u/w photo is with black ground (cleaned background) and most prevalent on the winners of photo competition, what is main reason for this? Or just me feel something feel very unnatural when back ground is completely black? Original photo (what I like stay true to the original) Vs. Cleaned back background like what most common u/w photo.... Blacken background
  4. Rhinopias still there, in the white leafy seaweed. But sometimes it moves around, I got feeling that some dive guide keep it location secret. Yellow seahorse still there also, but not as many as before.
  5. Maybe since in this trip I didn't see any single fire urchin there, but the critters are still plentiful in every dive never dull moment for macro photography.
  6. Seraya is my favorite dive site, found this nice colored squat lobster in the sea feather. BSSR-20122303 Custom Name by Thedi David, on Flickr
  7. Clocked my 86th last week after 1.5 year never get wet. Simple setup EOS 7D in S&S Housing, 2x YS-110A, EF 100mm L macro. BSSR-20122163Bali 2012- by Thedi David, on Flickr BSSR-20122083Bali 2012- by Thedi David, on Flickr BSSR-20122300Bali 2012- by Thedi David, on Flickr Critiques and comments for improvement are welcome.
  8. RDX-standard port is weight like a ton, if you combine this with grip stay L your combo will weight like 2-3 lb underwater based on my experience using using RDX-500D with 2 x YS-110a. I recommend you to use buoyancy foam if you are using ULCS arms, cost less than buoyancy arm. If you switch to NX compact dome is much lighter.
  9. I also have grip stay L for sale condition 8/10 asking for US$ 150. Take all items for US$ 550 buyer pay for the shipping.
  10. I love picture no. 3&4 just fantastic. Water is so clear inside the cenotes?
  11. Hi Bent, Thanks for ID correction. Second picture is ghost pipe fish, We found it near at Tulamben drop off area near Mimpi Resort. Cheers, David
  12. I just had 1 time experience trying taking photo of mating mandarin, these fishes are very shy. Dive guide is using small red torchlight and my camera can't focus without turning on my focusing light. But every time I toggle on my focusing light these critters ran away. So next year I will try again but I will prepare red focusing light this time.
  13. Take all for items for US$ 420 plus new RDX O-ring set, buyer outside Singapore pays shipping charges.
  14. For sale The following: RDX Port Base L 30109 Condition 9/10 - US$110 Ifs683 by Thedi David, on Flickr RDX Port Base S 30108 Condition 10/10 (never touch sea water yet) - US$130 Ifs686 by Thedi David, on Flickr Canon EFS 18-55 IS Zoom Gear 31119 - US$100 Ifs685 by Thedi David, on Flickr Sigma 10-20 mm EX DC HSM Zoom Gear 31142 - US$110 Ifs687 by Thedi David, on Flickr RDX Housing New O-Ring Set with Grease - free if taken with all item above. Will ship internationally using DHL and payment with paypal only, buyer pays the shipping fee. Items are located in Singapore. Contact me via PM or thedidavid(add)yahoo(dot)com(dot)au
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