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  1. James, I can´t find your Fuji S2pro review...Could you post the link? What make you buy the Fuji instead of the D100? Regards.. Hector
  2. Thank guys for the feedback...Now I feel its a great adquisition, I think the conservative side of the mosquito will help me as a new diver to stay in the safe side... Regards... Hector
  3. Hi guys, Just got a Suunto Mosquito Dive computer, to by honest I bought it in a compulsive buying way...I didn´t do any research before. I used allready and for me I think is very good...take into account I´m just started diving. The thing is, I want to know if I made a good purchase? Regards... Hector
  4. Hey James, What camera did you get after you sold your Coolpix 5K ?
  5. Hi guys... My name is Hector Quintanilla, I studied Architecture and have a Masters Degree In Architectural Design, althought I just do Architecture for me...I build and rent. The money comes from computers...I´m into systems consulting. I also teaching at a university 3D Visualization. Born in May 14 1967, so if you do the math, I´m 35 years old. Married 2 years ago with a lovely local T.V. artist Love computers, internet, and water!!! My father got me into photography some time ago, and I went digital with a Coolpix 990, sold it, and waiting to decide if I go with a Canon D60, D100 or a Coolpix 5000. Did some diving every time I could, but never got certified until last july...I got My open water in Maui, and did some awesome diving in Maui and Kona. Since then I have about 20 dives in my log...Last week did Cozumel, 2 hours from here by plane, and cheap also (for me!)...and also awesome so you´ll be seeing lots of pictures taken ther in the future, will be my practice area... I can´t wait to work more, earn more money...to waste it on my trips , so hope to find some of you guys maybe in the future while in a trip... Regards... Hector
  6. I feel that a vendor section is missing in the forums...will be great for us to decide where to buy stuff...
  7. Just wondering where do you buy your equipment from? I'm looking for a good online merchant with a strong and reliable customer support...good prices also will be nice
  8. Hi James, Can you tell how old is every part of equipment you are selling? Will the camara and housing have transferable guaranty, I'm mean if they will respect it if I send it back in case of malfunction...? And are you willing to do a test drive of the camara if I can arrange a trip to houston? Its 8 hours from here...not so far... Regards...
  9. I sold it allready...Doubt it or not...they payed me $1000 for the 990, a wide angle lens, a 128MB CF, and a nylon case... Thought that $100-$200 bucks more will get me a brand new 5000 and a 256MB CF... [Edited on 6-13-2002 by Kanankeban]
  10. Well, I'm not a profesional, but I like to take nice pics, and have sufficent options in the camera. As I say My previous camara was a 990 and I used all the way, night shots, macro shots, you named...so I want a camera capable of the same things as the 990 or better...I'll be diving 2 or 3 times a year so...I preffer not spending lots of money in very advance equipment for underwater...although as I mention earlier I want to take nice pics...that forces my to get some nice gadgets, as a reliable underwater case, lights etc...the only thing is that I don't have a clue of this equipment...
  11. I'm into a Coolpix 5000, I owned a 990, and was very happy, not mine upgrading to a 995 instead of the 5000 to save some money or even thinking of a G2. I'm new to underwater photo...so what do I need? I have a budget of no more that $2500 1. Camara 2. Housing 3.? 4.? 5.......? I can put it either way... What will be the best buyes for a $2500 budget? Thanks for any kind of advice... Best Regards... HECTOR [Edited on 6-12-2002 by Kanankeban]
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