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  1. Hi I am struggeling a bit with the length of my flatportcombination with the 105VR2. I have the impression that there is too much space in front of the lens for the optimum use of wet diopters.
    I have a Nauticam D750 housing and I now use a compact base, 20mm extension and the 30 compact port. The effective internal length from base to glass is 90mm. Since the 105 sticks 80mm out in front of the housing, there is a full 1cm room between lens and port glass.
    Couple of questions:
    1. Is this too much (for the use of wet diopters)?
    2. There is a dedicated port for the 105. The macro port 87. What is the exact internal length of this port? Is this 87mm? 

  2. Since there are no flipadapters availible for the Nauticam Compact Port 30 without the 67mm threat, I made one myself. And again plumbing parts and some hardware come to the rescue. I admit, It is not as pretty as a slik black adapter from any housing manufacturer, but it sure is sturdy enough to carry a heavy diopter such as the SMC-2. 


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  3. Just as important is positioning the dome correctly. A big dome, slighting too far from or too close to the lens will perform worse than smaller dome.


    The Zen 230 as my dome of choice with this lens.




    The problem is to find out what the optimum extension is. Especially when you mix brands, it is an issue. I just bought a used Sea&Sea FE-dome (S&S 56401) to use with the 16-35 on my Nauticam housing. I asked Nauticam what the correct extension should be, but they didn't responded at all.


    At the store we compared the Nauticam 8,5" dome and it appears very similar to the Sea&Sea, so we decided to use the same extension as Nauticam recommends with the 8,5" dome.


    I have not tried it in the water yet.

  4. Hi,


    I use the D750 in a Nauticam housing. I recently purchased a Sea&Sea 9,7" dome mainly to use with the 16-35 f4.


    What extension is recommended for this lens?
    The portchart from Nauticam says 90mm with the 9,5" Nauticam dome, but I also see others using the 70mm extension with this lens.




  5. From what port in Egypt is your liveaboard leaving?

    I am also heading for a liveaboard tomorrow. I am leaving from Port Ghalib in Marsa Alam.

    I am happy to lent you an Ikelite portlock from my old housing if we can arrange to meet somewhere. I am in Port Ghalib thursday night around 23.00h (I guess).




  6. The single Inon Z240 was triggered by a slave sensor with a metre of cable attached to the srobe synch cable.

    The sensor needs to be in line of sight of the triggering strobe but the slave strobe can be hidden.

    In the first image my model Rilana has the sensor in her hand, it's so sensitive she has it pointed away from the camera and triggering strobe, but it still fired the slave !!

    The cable is just visible coming under her left elbow.


    See http://www.uwpmag.com/ issue57 for Alex Mustard's comprehensive article. I used exactly the same set-up.


    I hope this helps


    Nige Wade


    Thanks, I knew the article I was just curious what slavesensor or trigger you used.

  7. To D7000 or not.

    Like so many, I am actually waiting for the D800, but that can easy take another year.

    So, what to do?

    My D80 is realy getting at age, and the performance of D7000 is very interesting.


    So I made a quick comparisson in PS, and I see enough possibilities to fit the D7000 in a D80-housing.

    I think I will have a try, once I have my hands on a D7000.


  8. i probably wouldnt care either if I had a D700, but ive still got a d2x. ive definitely hit the limits of it. Been trying to buy a used D700/Subal but i guess people like them too much :)

    Same here with my D80


    But: "The announcement should be in Summer of 2011" that means housings by the end of 2011. That's a long time... but I think I will wait for this one and not to go for the D7000.

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