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  1. I am thinking of remodelling my Ike D70 housing for a D80. Anyone tried it already?


    I compared the two camera's and it looks like most buttons and controls are on the same place. The D70 is only a bit higher, which is easy to overcome.


    Here are some quick and dirty comparisements based on the mount position.




  2. I wonder... did anyone try a 10.5 + tele converter behind an ikelite dome port? which one do you think will fit this combination?


    Lens ports:

    #5503.15 Lens length less than 2.5" (6.3 cm)

    #5503.... Lens length less than 3" (7.6cm)

    #5503.50 Lens length less than 4" (10.1cm)

    #5503.55 Lens length less than 4.5" (11.4cm)

    #5503.80 Lens length less than 5" (12.7cm)

    #5503.85 Lens length less than 6" (15.2cm)


    The 10.5 mm is 62.5 mm long, so add the convertorlength:

    Tamron 2x = 43,5 mm

    Soligor 1,7x = 19 mm

    Kenko 1,5x = 18 mm

    Tamron 1,4x = 19 mm


    Looks like you need at least a #5503.50 port.


    Grrrr, I own the first two ports and the 8" #5510.10 superwide, and offcourse none off them will fit. I will just forget the TC's for a while and stick to my bare 10.5 and 15 prime's.

  3. Hi

    Looking for a diffuser for a Ikelite Substrbe 100 A . They are no longer avialable from IKelite.

    I will happy send you $$$$$$ .

    Thanks Joe Parisi Salem ma



    I don't think they were ever availible for the 100A. You will have to DIY for this.

  4. Kees, how does the manual adjustment work on your Heinrichs install, and can you use TTL or manual in the same dive? I could never quite work out some of the details of Matthias' instruction sheet for the Canon OEM adapter when I was setting it up for the 20D.

    Did I miss anything?


    I don't have TTL with Heinrichs. I have a couple of Ike 100A's wich normally only have two powersettings: Half and Full. With the Heinrichs installed I can now controll the strobepower by 1/3 increments in camera. This works great. True TTL is not supported with the 100A and the Heinrichs convertor.


    Offcourse TTL would be nice in some occasions, but for me it is not worth the money to upgrade (housing and strobes).

  5. I don't miss TTL at all. I have the Heinrichs installed, but that is just to have more manual controll with my strobes.


    With the Heinrichs I can now use another system nowadays that works flawlessly, it is called TTM and it is perfect. TTM is so good that others are willing to pay for it, but I don't want that. Everybody gets TTM for free, although the copyright stays with me.














    Through The Mind :wacko:

  6. erm... i don't think any of us are at Nelos :(


    I was, :)


    Alex did a great talk about this subject.


    I had the same question, about the Sigma 15mm. This one could also do the job, although it focusses not as close as the 10.5 + TC. The main advantage about that combo is that the lens comes further out of the body and it is easier to light the subject.


    Today he soing a talk about macro, too bad i can't be there.

  7. My Ike 8" dome came in yesterday.

    The manual says I have to install the low profile portlock wich should be provided with the #5510.10 Super Wide Body (it wasn't)

    The manual also said that all modern housings are provided with the low profile lock. I have an early D70 housing (without the TTL-module) so I don't know if my locks are OK.


    The dome fits with my current locks, but I have the feeling the dome rests on the locks. Is this OK, or do I do I have to wait for the new locks. (and wait another week before getting my beautiful dome wet)


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